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LlamasSwap is the newest yield farm and staking platform on the BSC scene, built by llamas for cool llamas! Too many rug pulls lately in the BSC space have eroded the community confidence over honest teams and reputable projects. Crypto can be extremely profitable for all the actors involved, still being honest, loyal and transparent to the community.
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    0X0FC013E24AE732FCEC9EB6BF8CAE12782A56BE7E/WBNB 2 months ago
    $ 0.8585
    $ 68.752 K
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    0X0FC013E24AE732FCEC9EB6BF8CAE12782A56BE7E/BUSD 2 months ago
    $ 0.8597
    $ 186.175 K
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    0X0FC013E24AE732FCEC9EB6BF8CAE12782A56BE7E/BUSD 2 months ago
    $ 0.9814
    $ 969.89 K
  • PancakeSwap (v1)
    0X0FC013E24AE732FCEC9EB6BF8CAE12782A56BE7E/WBNB 2 months ago
    $ 1.32
    $ 704.03 K
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About LlamaSwap

Even though we too started as a fork (from the latest Pancake fork, GooseDefi), we aim to bring our own contribution.
We are here for the long run. And we have great plans for the future! We’re especially excited by the NFT game we’re building and we’ll reveal more details soon!

Why BSC?
Not everyone is a crypto whale! Ethereum is awesome and we all must be thankful for the work they’ve done over the years, but, as the price of ETH increased, so the transaction fees did. That has made DeFi in ETH almost an exclusive prerogative of big fat wallets and unaffordable to small investors.
Conversely, Binance Smart Chain is:

  • faster (the network is capable of producing a block every ~3 seconds)
  • cheaper (transaction fees can reach as low as 1$cent)
    and is attracting more and more volume and liquidity, also thanks to its cross-chain mechanisms (read: Binance bridge)

Why are we different?
We are passionate and experienced software developers. This ain’t a job for us, it’s our passion and we love it.
We started this journey with a clear goal in mind: to restore confidence and trust in this space. Not everyone is a crook.
We’re quite confident to say that we are among the few that decided to lock their LP tokens to prove their good intentions.
Additionally, there were no preminted tokens for devs, no private sales, no pre-sale airdrops.


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