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Little Ape World

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
A cute 3D NFTs collection. Spreading good vibes on the Web3.
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About Little Ape World

Welcome to Little Ape World, where tiny primates from all walks of life rule an exclusive rainforest in a quiet little corner of the ever-growing metaverse.

With no rules except the ones they make, the Little Apes seek to build a society that reflects their values in the virtual and real world alike. Together, they will make their mark on the metaverse and, together, they will share in the utilities they create for one another.

Every member is represented by an exclusive Little Ape NFT, each of which are hand-drawn by our partnered artist. With a unique art style, Little Ape NFTs represent good vibes and individuality to all who encounter them.

Some might be nice, some might be sneaky (within reason)… Either way, we celebrate their personalities as valued members of the Little Ape World community!

Expect surprises at every turn and the transformation of original plans into wild alternatives as the Little Apes explore, grow in number and momentum, and seek to spread the roots of their virtual rainforest home.

Our project is 100% community-driven and utility-focused, welcoming NFT experts and newcomers alike to unite and craft a project that represents YOU.

Welcome to our smol project with BIG aspirations, the decentralized adventure you’ve been waiting for…

Little Ape World Roadmap

  • #1 Merchandise

  • ‍Our LAW merchandise range will feature exclusive clothing, collectibles and more, including designs by the creatives of our community.
  • #2 LAW Metaplot

  • We’ll snap up a quiet little corner of the Sandbox metaverse where we can plant the seeds of our LAW rainforest. We’re not making any plans, just presenting a blank canvas for our community to experiment and create as they wish.
  • #3 3D Voxel

  • We love voxels and the freedom of ownership they represent. All Little Ape NFT holders will receive the associated 3D voxel for them to use as they please! When we say we’re led by our community, we mean it.
  • #4 DAO

  • We’ll establish a DAO so each and every LAW NFT holder can make their voice heard and inspire the movements we make as one big (smol) ape family.
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  • #5 Art & Animation

  • We’ll welcome creative Little Apes to add to the LAW lore, plus partner with exciting art studios to introduce new worlds, chapters, characters and more.


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