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Versatile, stable, useful and secure — LibreCash is a stablecoin that actually works.
May, 2018
May, 2018
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About LibreCash

LibreCash is a stablecoin tied to a one-to-one dollar rate, with emissions and token-burning through smart contracts on the basis of the proof-of-reserve principle. Current implementation: ERC20-token of OpenZeppelin.

We know at least 15 projects that aim to create a stablecoin. Some of them have already been known for a long time and have repeatedly appeared in the news, while others are only at the stage of concept elaboration.
The main differences:

  • Users initiate issue to circulation of LibreCash token after buying it through the autonomous smart contract.The realization is secured by ETH, which is frozen in the reserve fund as a security. When withdrawing tokens from the turnover, the user receives the security from the reserve fund at the current exchange rate.
  • The LibreCash economic model is transparent to the user. The number of emitted tokens, their supply, and the exchange parameters are calculated automatically, protected from forging, and available in DApps and blockchains.
  • LibreCash is not based on funds in bank accounts and trust funds, and the security is not related to the assets of the traditional financial system. This setup circumnavigates the risks of centralization and regulation, which prevents loss of token value.


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