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The World's Most Modern
Portfolio Tracker
Latest value of all your assets in one place—Traditional & Crypto.
Supports Global Banks, Brokerages, Stocks & Currencies.
As Simple as a Spreadsheet.
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About Kubera

Track your
Stock Portfolio
Get your stocks in order. 
Connect your online brokerage accounts, or add stock tickers to track their latest values. We support all major stock exchanges in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and NZ.   Track Crypto Assets,
Including DeFi
Get latest balances from all major crypto wallets and exchange accounts, or
simply add the coins to track their value. Kubera supports DeFi assets on multiple chains like Ethereum, BSC and Polygon.   Track Bank Accounts,
From Around the World
Best coverage and connection stability in the industry. Kubera uses multiple aggregators to give you the widest coverage and most reliable connectivity to over 20,000 banks and fintechs around the world. Homes Track your home value with latest market data from Zillow.   Cars Estimated value of your cars, trucks, and automobiles.   Metals Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium spot prices.   Domains Estimated market value of your web domain names.

Your Net Worth,
In Your Currency
Kubera supports nearly every global currency. Add your Yens and Euros with your Bitcoins to create a global dashboard and see their values in your native currency.   As Simple as a Spreadsheet Not all assets have ticker symbols or online accounts. Kubera is the modern portfolio tracker that’s built for the diversity of the real world. Easily add assets by just adding a new row, like a spreadsheet. Kubera has a built-in workflow that reminds you to update the asset values that you maintain manually.


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Kubera Team

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Rohit Nadhani
Founder, CEO
Manoj Marathayil
Co-Founder, Engineer
Umesh Gopinath
Co-Founder, Designer
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