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KIZUNACOIN was born in Japan. It is a purely community based coin.You can send tokens instantly with a subtle transaction fee and exchange easily. We have been working on introducing advanced technology so that KIZUNACOIN has a technical advantage over other encrypted currencies. First, we introduced DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) technology into KIZUNACOIN. DAG is known as the next generation block chain, and this technology covers the shortcomings of the block chain.
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Limited Presale until 14PM 10/07/2018 (JPT)
Oct 1, 2018
Oct 7, 2018
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The biggest concept of KIZUNACOIN is to create an environment where you can easily send coins to people. On an occasion, if one receives KIZUNACOIN from someone, one will have an interest in it, those who are interested will then purchase KIZUNACOIN with courage, and as someone has done to you, you will also give to other people. KIZUNACOIN is Japan's first DAG-based cryptocurrency. Sending token instantly with a subtle transaction fee, and also you can easily interact. We have worked on introducing advanced technology so that KIZUNACOIN would have technical advantages over other cryptocurrencies. As the first step, we have incorporated DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) technology into KIZUNACOIN. DAG is known to be the next generation blockchain,and the technology covers shortcomings of blockchain.


  • 11th May 2018

  • KIZUNACOIN project has been founded.
  • 16th Jun 2018

  • Pre-sale starts.
  • 1st July 2018

  • 4,000,000,000KIZ pre-sale has been sold out.
  • 23rd July 2018

  • Early completing development for DAG algorithm of KIZUNACOIN.
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  • August 2018

  • KIZUNACOIN wallets for Windows,Mac,Linux,iOS,Android are released.
    Starting development for KEEP Exchange.(release in Q1 2019)
  • September - October 2018

  • Starting up a community team.
    Listing on the first exchange.
    Release outlines of KEEP Exchange.
    Listing on the second and the third exchanges.(October - November)
    Holding an offline meet-up.
  • November - December 2018

  • Release detail information of KEEP Exchange system.
    Announcing alliance companies for each services.
    Starting development for platform and related service of KIZUNACOIN.
    Release a new Road Map.
  • Q1 2019

  • Establish companies in 5 countries.
    Release formal version of KEEP Exchange.
    Distributing KIZUNA+ token(tentative title).
    Establish KIZUNACOIN user forum.
    Starting activities to deepen people's in general understanding for crypto currencies.
    (Terrestrial TV,advertisement,Developing learning application of crypto currency.)
    Release KIZUNACOIN official faucet.
    Adding NFC function on KIZUNACOIN.
  • Q2 2019

  • Release a new Road Map.
    Release fixed-term deposit service of KIZUNACOIN.
    (To aim to develop platform like a crypto currency bank)
    Establish a research Institute for artificial intelligence.
    Providing multi language service on KEEP Exchange.
    Build an e-money exchanging service via KIZUNACOIN.
    Release KIZUNACOIN transfer reservation and condition remittance function.
    Providing remittance and receiving button for using without KIZ wallet.
    (System like a check with HTML, QR and URL)
    Sell/Buy platform for down-load contents having KIZUNACOIN automatic receive detection system.
    (with seller and contents review function)
  • Q3 2019

  • Having improved algorithm of KIZUNACOIN,implement a new algorithm with the world highest level security.
    Having fused approval systems of various algorithms,building a hybrid algorithm.
    Release credit payment service.
    Relocate headquarters of KEEP Exchange to Malta.
    By using the payment service,most of merchandise on internet become purchasable.
    Establish organization related to KIZUNACOIN.
    (for donation to needy area)
    Develop games and services capable of using KIZUNACOIN.
  • Within 2019

  • Develop a system like USDT for keeping worth of KIZUNACOIN.
    To aim to run exchange service in Japan.
    (for purchasing KIZUNACOIN by major fiat money)
    To aim to make KEEP Exchange become within the world 30th top exchanges.
    Expanding uses for KIZUNACOIN(Adding Token issue function,implement IOT technology and tie-up).
    Start running a shop for KIZUNACOIN and entire crypto currency.
  • Q1 2020

  • Develop crypto system specific to record data on the basis of the feedback of exchange development and management.
    Strengthen marketing and development for further use of KIZUNACOIN as payment method.
  • 2020 - 2021

  • Release the crypto system specific to record data.
    (all data is kept on DAG chain)Provide data recording technology to guvernment agency and companies.
    Starting to develop a system for easy contract and approval, can be managed and browsed.
    Payment system using facial and fingerprint recognition.
    (wallet becomes unnecessary)
    Open an amusement facility accepting crypto currency payment in Akihabara.
    Open support site and contact center for all crypto currency users.
    Business alliance with other exchanges.
  • 2022

  • Start development for decentralized system of KEEP Exchange.
    Release a summary of AI development achieves.
  • 2023 and later

  • Start development of infrastructure for increasing crypto currency users as many as cell phone users.
    (For payment everywhere with facial and fingerprint recognition system)


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