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KTYForce is a community group exploring KittyKoin, a fully decentralized token. KittyKoin has no admin keys and its full supply has been fair launched on Uniswap for anyone to buy.
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Token Details
Total supply
10 billion
Token Distribution
20% 30-300 ETH Fully Diluted Value (FDV) Market Capital
20% 300-3000 ETH FDV Market Cap
20% 3K-30K ETH FDV Market Cap
20% 30K-300K ETH FDV Market Cap
20% 300K-3M ETH FDV Market Cap
Accepted Currencies
Additional Details

About KittyKoin

The KTY Token and Ecosystem

The KTY token was fair-launched and is fully decentralized. There are no admin keys or any privileged accounts, and no future minting. KTY's full supply is locked in Uniswap V3 LP pools. The LP tokens have been locked to ensure the liquidity is permanent.

  • Fully Decentralized KTY token has no privileged accounts. KTY token's full supply is released through a Uniswap V3 that gives everyone the chance to buy at the same curve.
  • Backed by ETH the Uniswap V3 LP pools through which KTY is released is locked forever (through sending the owner token to a burn address). This ensures the ETH used to purchase KTY is forever used to back KTY.
  • Community Supported Due to its limited supply, KTY serves as a store of value, or a memetoken, which can evolve to be used for any purpose by its community.
KTY and what its about

KittyKoin is a freestanding token. Is it a memecoin, a utility token, or a community token? Perhaps a little bit of each. KTYForce is a support group that is helping understand the coin just as you are.
You can own million or hundreds of millions of this token. With 10 billion tokens max supply, everyone can get a few. KTY is up multiple times since its launch.

KTYForce is a support group for KittyKoin (KTY) KittyKoin has no admins. Max technical supply of KTY already all permanently placed on Uniswap.

KittyKoin Roadmap

  • Step 1: Create Metamask Wallet

  • Make a MetaMask Wallet -- either a desktop/laptop or a iPhone/Android mobile app works. This will let you interact with the Ethereum blockchain, including KittyKoin
  • Step 2: Send ETH to your wallet

  • You can use MetaMask directly to buy ETH, or you can first buy in on Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, etc. Ensure you are using the ERC-20 network when transferring ETH.
  • Step 3: Connect your wallet to Uniswap

  • Use this direct link here to access the Uniswap pool for KittyKoin. Click "Connect Your Wallet" on the upper right hand corner, and you can now exchange ETH for KittyKoin
  • Step 4: Swap ETH for KTY

  • You can start swapping as soon as you have ETH. Use the link above and you can input as many ETH as you like to get KittyKoin back

KittyKoin Team

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Karl Scottish Fold
Organizer, KTYForce
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