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Feb 15, 2018
Mar 1, 2018
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About Jolt

Jolt is power sharing in a unique way. With over 540,000 Electric vehicles on the road and under 17k Charging stations, of which most are only located in heavily populated cities, the need for power stations in between metropolitan areas is a prevalent issue.  Jolt intends to bridge the gap between distance, and electric vehicle power stations by curating a global network of individuals who will share electricity from their home or business and earn Jolt Gas Coins [JLG] as long as they remain active on the network. Additionally, these partners will be paid in their preference of either Cryptocurrency or Fiat for each recharge at their location via the Jolt iOS/Android app.

Jolt Team

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Paul J. Brooks
Founder/CEO/Executive Director
David S. Ewing
Chief Design Officer
Ronaldo Bini
Chief Software Development Officer
Johnathan Hays
Lead Developer

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