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Iron Hunter

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Hi everyone this Ironhunter token page is a token in the BSC network, created to use in games PlayToEarn the first game is in development.
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About Iron Hunter

Iron Hunter coins will be used in our game Iron Hunter where players will be able to buy in-game items like weapons, gear and much more. Our goal is to create a game where you can have a good time and earn Iron Hunter coins while playing.

We would also like to inform you more about the number of tokens and the airdrops. The total number of Iron Hunter tokens is 1 billion. Our team will give away 5%, 50 000 000 tokens, to people as airdrop. This means that the tokens will be distributed for free among the people of the community. Also, the distribution will not be an one time thing. It will take place in a few stages on different time periods. The main team does not have any plans to sell their tokens and will hold them. Also, the starting price of Iron Hunter is 0,005 so early investors will be able to gain and also help the project!

Iron Hunter Roadmap

  • 1 STEP

  • • launch of the token✓
    • creating an official website✓
    • adding liquidity (BNB)✓
    • whitepaper with Tokenomics✓
    • adding token to pancakeswap✓
    • creating social media✓
    • airdrop tokens✓
  • 2 STEP

  • • adding a logo
    • building community
    • listing on COINGECKO
    • listing on coinmarketcap
    • second airdrop of tokens
    • advertising and progression
  • 3 STEP

  • • listing on a centralized exchange
    • start of game development
    • launching mini games on android and IOS
    • launching main game

Iron Hunter Team

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Kassiev Roustam
Kassiev Amin
Dakhaev Bekkhan
Borchshvili M
Blockchain specialist
Borchashvili R
Social media manager

Iron Hunter Last News

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