The CONG Token presale event shakes the crypto market

The CONG Token presale event shakes the crypto market

Yves Civolani, CAIA, CFA accepted our invitation to an interview with ICOholder which turned to a great opportunity to investors seeking to participate in the CONG token presale event and understand this disruptive project that promises to revolutionize the world of investing.

What makes The Conglomerate Cap. project unique and unlike any other investing programs? What are the main advantages of your project?

Y: There are plenty of reasons that make our project unique and attractive for investors. Just to give you a clear view, there you go five of them:

a) Team. Myself and Diego (Co-founder & M&A/Deals) have both more than a decade each working in VC, PE and M&A industries. I worked for more than a decade for tier-1 global private equity funds as responsible for portfolio companies. Therefore, throughout my career I learned by doing, what the problems are for startups and SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) to raise capital. Diego, is a major partner of a leading M&A consulting firm. Together, myself and Diego have already raised more than USD 200 million for the Companies we worked or advised for. Further, based on our careers, we built a well connected range of network which will be very helpful in bringing new deals to the platform.

b) The Tokenomics of the CONG Token. Fundamentals and use cases are many and extremely strong. It is the only token for the whole ecosystem. Compared to other launchpads platforms, that is an important difference as they all face alignment problems due the fact that funded projects launch each their own tokens, competing against each other for investor’s capital allocation. Moreover, the token has features of the investment fund industry, such as CONG options (“CONGo” - options to acquire and sell tokens at predetermined prices), yield farming pegged to Brazilian interest market rate, currently at 13.75%. In addition to it, CONG will also be granted, based on achievements of goals, to the funded companies (“CSCs”) management team. That completely aligns interests between all ecosystem ́s parts: companies, investors and TCC’s team.

c) Governance and DAO system. The system is structured with the best and state of the art governance practices currently available in the market. The key pillar that supported its creation is the protection of minority holders and the possibility to make them able to participate and discuss the most important decisions that will have impact on the ecosystem. The token allocation distribution is subjected to a corporation structure, as no investor can have majority ownership. In case any holder achieves more than 5% of the available supply, his votes will be based on square foot calculation, reducing his power in manipulating the system.

d) Ecosystem’s operation. The project is the only one to put together “real” features from the world of venture capital and private equity with the use of blockchain, DeFi and crypto. While the operation between TCC platform and the CSCs (Conglomerate Subsidiary Companies) will run under investment fund structure as VC/PE funds does, the relation between TCC and Investors will run through BEP 20 blockchain, guided by coding and subjected to the Governance of DAO.

e) Roadmap planning and detail. The team provided two roadmaps, short-term detailed one and another long-term macro. While the first shows in a very deep level each task/activity should be done within one year from now, the other supports the long-term view for the project. As compared to most of the crypto projects that just seek short-term speculations, the goals designed for the years ahead are very vivid in the team’s minds. Based on that, investors will have many liquidity exits possibilities to benefit from, such as DEX or CEX listing but also financial/strategic sale to a Company or exit through SPAC merge and IPO. In this case, DAO needs to aprove it.

How do you choose projects and startups for TCC? What is the Eligibility Criteria for these projects? Do you take into account the opinion of the followers in your social media or you do not discuss the future projects in your communities?

Y: Projects submitted for funding campaigns will be thoroughly vetted by the TCC team before approval and listing. The project will also be available to the community for review, and positive assessment will influence the selection when that goes for voting. It is also important to be aware of the community’s opinion on the projects through either our platform or social media.

TCC team has years of experience in the industry, raising capital in various instruments forms, such as equity, convertible debt, debt, etc. The team also has already conducted many M&A deals throughout recent years. All this experience will be put in favor of our Ecosystem, helping to scrutinize funding applications. As the team is compensating by CONG, we are all aligned.

Every CONG holder can post an application for a new CSC (Conglomerate Subsidiary Company) deal. After passing through TCC management team scrutiny, it will go for consensus voting. After which, the CSC opportunity goes live on the TCC platform. The holder that referenced the deal will earn 0.5% of the capital raised in form of CONG tokens.

The projects our platform will support are broad. They can either be a new and disruptive startup or a real economy business. But founders must understand what projects TCC will not look at approvingly. Projects that deal with brown energy and projects that may exclude/discriminate any minority group regarding age, race, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity will not be listed.  

We wish to create an inclusive environment and community for Companies and investors. A platform is for free-thinkers and an innovative and decentralized future.

In what way do you guarantee the long-term and successful existence of the projects so the investors could invest their funds without any doubts? 

Y: We’re fully transparent. Don’t believe when someone says that returns are 100% guaranteed when you invest in some specific asset class types, such as cryptocurrencies, venture capital or private equity. What we can say is that, as compared to all other crowdfunding or launchpads that are in the market, our team is stands out at an extreme higher bar. 

Further, all cofounders are investing their own capital in this project, we’re here for the long run. That means every single project, before opening a funding campaign in the platform, will need to pass through our scrutiny and due diligence process as well as the DAO approval. If we are putting our own capital in the startups as the investors are as well, there is no playing around that. Lastly, there are various features to guide and protect investors through their journey with us. 

A good example is the side pocket structure: the CSC raised capital will be transferred to an escrow account and will be freed based on the milestone deliveries. Holders verify milestones achievements to approve the capital release. If milestones are not achieved and the CSC is discontinued, side pocket capital will be locked and allocated to the next CSC raise.

Do the benefits depend on the amount of holding CONGs? Please explain our readers the conditions of rewards calculation!

Y: Yes. Although the most important decisions are based on the DAO governance approval, the rewards and bonuses distributions are based on the holders’ share of the circulating supply. That means the more CONG investors hold, the better to them. Holders can benefit from various ways such as token appreciation, token dividends, sale of CSCs, interest-bearing tokens, income-profiting features, etc.

What holders can participate in Buypack Program? What is the minimum amount of CONGs for this Program?

Y: There is no minimum, all benefits from CONG tokenomics are for every single investor, either if you have one or one million CONGs.

In what number of projects can one holder invest his funds in TTC? If a holder has invested his capital in one project but some time later he has changed his mind, is it possible to go through the replacement procedure for him?

Y: That’s one of the major differences compared to all other crowdfunding and launchpad platforms. By investing in a funding campaign, investors are jumping into our whole Ecosystem, as a part of our Conglomerate of Companies. There is just one single token as a mean of exchange when an investor gets in a deal: the CONG token. By holding CONGs, investors will have a part in all Companies in our portfolio. We’ve learned from our venture capital and private equity career, that you cannot put all eggs in the same basket otherwise wolfs can get everything you have. Through the Conglomerate of Companies, we are diversifying asset allocations, reducing risks and increasing the investors’ sharp ratio, a measure of ratio of return per unit of risk.

What is the procedure of delegating the voting if a holder cannot follow the discussions?

Y: That’s pretty easy, investors can access TCC platform and grant voting power to another investors. He just needs to put this investor’s wallet address in the system so we can know who owns the power now. This delegated power can be canceled at investor’s desire.

How is the CONG token presale going? Will there be other presale rounds?

Y: The first round of CONG token presale has a raise target of USD 2.5 million which has been rapidly fulfilled. As soon as it fulfills, we open the round 2 which will have a CONG token price of USDT 0.0030 that means an incremental 20% price. Presale round 3 will have the price of USDT 0.0035, 17% higher than the second. Overall, the earlier investors get onboarded, for this journey with us, the better.