LUSSA: Revolutionizing Gaming, Blockchain, and the Metaverse

LUSSA: Revolutionizing Gaming, Blockchain, and the Metaverse

H.Batuhan CETIN, the Co-founder of Lussa the final frontier, explores the innovative features, mission, and economic ecosystem of LUSSA, a groundbreaking blockchain-based game, shedding light on its unique blend of gameplay, cryptocurrency integration, and plans for the evolving Metaverse.

Hello there!  Welcome to the fascinating universe of Lussa!   

My name is H.Batuhan CETIN, I am one of the co-founders of Lussa and CSO of the company. I am a computer engineer. My specialty is game technologies and AI. I'm part of the passionate team behind Lussa  and I'm honored to be a guest for this interview today. Lussa is not just a game, it's a revolutionary community-driven adventure that brings together players, developers, and everyone who loves to push the boundaries of imagination.

What distinguishes LUSSA from other online games, particularly in terms of its apocalyptic setting and the mission to find a new habitable planet?

B: LUSSA sets itself apart with its immersive narrative set against a dystopian future where players are tasked with the salvation of humanity. Unlike other games, LUSSA's mission transcends mere survival; it's about pioneering new worlds, strategizing colonization efforts, and navigating through political and environmental challenges that mirror the complexities of our own world.

The idea of creating a sustainable, exciting, self-determined universe for real gamers and gamers to build is what differentiates Lussa. We aim to empower gamers and blockchain gaming enthusiasts to build a world with their teammates, instead of trying to fit them into a mold.

How does LUSSA envision the evolution of the Metaverse, especially considering the increasing reliance on cryptocurrencies for transactions?

B: LUSSA sees the Metaverse as an evolutionary leap in digital interaction, integrating social, economic, and gaming platforms. With the integration of cryptocurrencies, LUSSA aims to provide a seamless transaction experience, enhancing the authenticity and security of in-game economies.

The Metaverse should not only be thought of as a space for gamification and socialization. Nowadays, given the development of Augmented reality technologies, a world will be built that offers unlimited services, from education to health, maybe even the completion of many official tasks. In this way, working hours will actually be liberated, and people will be able to test the exciting events they want to be or experience in the comfort of their living spaces thanks to these technologies. Lussa's sustainable gaming, metaverse and economic system will open up a limitless universe for all users.

How does LUSSA combine features of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and play-to-earn gaming within the Metaverse, and what role do LUSSA tokens play in the ecosystem?

B: LUSSA integrates cryptocurrencies, NFTs and a win-win mechanic integrated into the real world to create a dynamic economy where players have true ownership of their in-game assets. 

LUSSA tokens act as the base currency for in-game trading, facilitating transactions and rewarding achievements, while NFTs have a real-world equivalent value judgment. With the Real World Asset, NFT holders will realize how much accessibility is possible not only in the Lussa ecosystem, but in many other areas.

Can you elaborate on the dual-token model of LussaX and Lussa tokens, and how they contribute to the loyalty point system and in-game transactions?

B: First of all, I would like to clarify the following. Lussa Token is the only payment unit in-game and on all other platforms. LussaX does not represent true tokenization. It is designed to integrate our loyalty system with the points and rewards system that users will receive as a result of various quests and victories. LussaX serves as a reward for community engagement, while Lussa tokens are used for marketplace transactions, providing a circular economy that rewards participation and investment in the game's ecosystem.

How does LUSSA engage both active participants and spectators, especially with the betting system for spectators at the beginning of each game?

B: Not everyone wants to take part in the game. But they also want to be part of the excitement of the game. Instead of experiencing the game themselves, there may be many users who want to observe the players' struggle and turn it into a profit. We are trying to build a system that is completely transparent and allows the audience to participate in the competitions in which the players are victorious as a result of their own skills.

How does LUSSA plan to monetize the online gaming and eSports sector, and what opportunities does it provide for players, teams, brands, influencers, and advertisers?

B: LUSSA aims to revolutionize online gaming and eSports by leveraging blockchain technology to ensure fair play, transparent payouts, and a new level of interaction for players, teams, and sponsors, offering a platform for hosting tournaments, creating content, and engaging in global eSports events.

The global gaming industry offers significant benefits for every segment of the world. Gamers, blockchain traders, brand ambassadors, influencers, publishers, developers, designers, e-sports teams and many more. Lussa is building on an integrated ecosystem that is inclusive and welcoming for everyone. In fact, our full goal is to smooth the transition from Web2 to Web3 with the simplest and easiest experience for all users. There's a win-win mechanism here, and it's all for the community, the producers and the users. Lussa is positioning itself as the structure that brings everyone together in the meantime.

How does the loyalty point system work in LUSSA, and what benefits do users receive for actively participating in the early development stages?

B: We have always been a community-driven organization. I would like to express our gratitude to all our users who have supported us since day one. Thanks to their support and feedback, we are constantly moving forward in our mission to build the best.

The loyalty point system at LUSSA encourages early community engagement by rewarding users with LussaX points for their contributions, which are the key to unlocking incredible rewards in the future. Through the community's feedback and support, they have a direct say in improvements and decisions, and foster a sense of ownership and investment in the game's success.

What role do NFTs, especially the Rebirth character NFTs, play in earning automatic monthly points and enhancing the overall user experience?

B: Our NFT mechanics and dynamics will be very different from ordinary NFT systems. Rebirth character NFTs will provide their owners with significant benefits in the LussaX loyalty system by providing automatic monthly points, thus increasing the value of these assets and user engagement. These NFTs represent a significant investment in the LUSSA universe and provide special rewards and privileges. 

In addition, these NFT holders will also have the advantage of receiving Dividend income from the company in the future. Of course, they will have a very simple and understandable document to understand this system and all the details in the future. In this way, before investing, they will understand in the best way what kind of investment instrument they will have.

How does LUSSA plan to keep the gameplay fresh and invigorating, especially with the introduction of new maps and playable characters over time?

B: Lussa has a space-themed game concept that will take place on Mobile / PC / Console platforms, which incorporates 2 different game interfaces and continues to be developed with the latest game engine Unreal Engine 5.2. Our experienced team, who want to bring reality and the best quality to all users, plans to continuously update its content with new maps, characters and stories developed based on community feedback and gaming trends.

Unlike any other game, our game dynamics are at the peak of excitement with a user-friendly experience, AI-powered system and immersive storylines. This ensures that the game remains exciting, challenging and aligned with our players' interests and desires.

Developed in collaboration with our partnerships, major brands and key players in the ecosystem, the Lussa world always aims to offer the user the latest dynamics. Thanks to these unprecedented game differentiators, we have game metrics that aim to provide both Web2 players and Web3 blockchain users with an awareness of their own essence and a sense of belonging. In this way, we aim to achieve a fully sustainable game interface and user experience.