Groundbreaking veterinary service is now in your phone!

Groundbreaking veterinary service is now in your phone!

Mariusz Andrych, CEO and Founder at VetAPP, introduces our readers to the first full-pedged blockchain-based project for veterinarians and pet owners

In what countries will VetAPP be available? Would a pet owner have an opportunity to seek advice from a vet who lives in a different country?

M: At the beginning of our project, we thought about the local market, but later we saw some important elements that made the project global. Our algorithms are based on well-established knowledge that is standardized and developed in the best research centers in the world. The procedure is the same everywhere in the world. This provoked us to think that the basic functionality of pre-diagnosis should be immediately available everywhere in the world.

Your project is the groundbreaking one! How do you think the vet industry is ready for such innovation in the country where your project is going to be launched? It is hard to be an innovator because of many skeptics!

M: It's true, our project is revolutionary, but we live in revolutionary times! The pandemic has accelerated digitization processes in many areas of life. There is no turning back from them. Our application is designed primarily for young people living in a digital world. For skeptics, I have some interesting research results conducted by Babylon Health and University College London, which show the effectiveness of making a diagnosis by AI at over 77%, and by humans at over 71%.

Have you already had agreements with some public or private clinics or invited some famous vets in order to raise public interest in this issue and attract more people or companies seeking to develop such upgraded veterinary?

M: In the development of the project, we cooperate with large and well-known clinics. Our shareholders also include recognizable names in the veterinary world. Our goal is to create a very safe application, also for veterinarians, so we put a lot of emphasis on the team of veterinarians.

Continuing a theme of geography, who could use all the products from your marketplace? I mean who could buy these products (pet toys, food, pharmaceuticals and others)? How will the process of delivering be organized?

M: Drop shipping is the keyword in this area. Of course, the marketplace service will not be available worldwide immediately. The first one will appear as a pilot in Poland and the EU, and then we will expand it to other continents.

How are you going to deliver bracelets and microchips which will be integrated into VetApp? Tell us more about this service please!

M: I will not say too much about this now, because this functionality will come to us in the second year of operation at the earliest. We are in talks with engineers from the University of Technology, but we will commission research and design work at the end of 2023 at the earliest.

For what pets are you going to provide your services? Would it be possible to make diagnostics of some exotic pets in your app?

M: For now, our application is dedicated to pets: dogs and cats. For curiosity, I will add that the number of dogs and cats: in Poland is 15 M, in the EU it is almost 200 M, and in the world it is 500 M. We are talking only about registered animals! These numbers can be much higher.

How do you provide the process of vet selection? Does your platform offer a professional for a pet or a pet owner can choose a vet by himself? And if a client was not satisfied with a vet, could he change another vet for his pet the next time?

M: The user will be able to choose his own Vet from the available database. The choice will be made on the basis of: price, opinion, recommendation or location. At any time, he will be able to decide with whom he would like to continue the treatment or diagnostic process.

How accurate will a diagnosis be after using the Al prediagnosis tool?

M: As I said before, the AI reaches over 77%. With the development of the application and the increase in the number of users, as well as the addition of new tools to support diagnostics, we will try to reach this level!

You are at the stage of Private Sale now! What bonuses do you offer to your early adopters?

M: At this stage, we have introduced a very attractive price for the token. It is currently on sale with a 40% discount on the main sale price. Its price is now 0.06 Euro per token.

Wherein lies the uniqueness of the VETA reward program? And how to get the VETA token as a reward? Who can use this program: pet owners, vets or both of them?

M: The loyalty program developed by our experts is intended for application users, mainly pet owners. And here we offer a whole package of benefits for loyal users paying in fiat, but our token owners (level 3) are especially appreciated, who by paying with tokens gain access to even better discounts and functionalities. Here I invite you to read our Whitepaper