Exploring New Frontiers: An Interview with Mate Brezovszki on THE CORE's Web3 Strategy Universe

Exploring New Frontiers: An Interview with Mate Brezovszki on THE CORE's Web3 Strategy Universe

Mate Brezovszki, Game Economist at THE CORE, discusses the distinctive features of the game, such as its endless, player-driven nature, the significance of Districts in empire-building, the dual mechanism of balancing in-game asset values, avenues for monetization, and the integration of blockchain in simulating unlimited expansion and tech development, offering insights into the game's unique blend of competition and cooperation among players.

What sets The CORE apart from traditional 4X strategy games?

M: The CORE is unique because it's not predetermined and is endless. Unlike games such as the Civilization series - that we love, of course, THE CORE is more player-driven in its direction. Our in-game technology development can expand indefinitely, mirroring the endless worlds players can explore. This is bolstered by the foundational benefits of web3, including immutability and global asset access.

How do players obtain Districts in The CORE, and what is their significance?

M: Districts are fundamental for empire-building, akin to the real world. Players choose their preferred lands and start building colonies. Each district has base capacities, and players can further develop them. Districts are limited to each celestial object, and while players mint their own districts, they have complete freedom over them. However, each district generates resources on a turn-based mechanism, making them valuable assets - so might be great to stick with them for a while!

Could you explain the dual mechanism of balancing in-game asset values and providing monetization avenues for players?

M: Our economy mimics real-life resource management within a sped-up space exploration setting. As players expand in the universe, resources become more accessible, but larger builds and further travels increase resource demands. Expansion within THE CORE is dynamically balanced through supply, with strategic decision-making via Influence Tokens further refining this equilibrium. Coupled with instant market access for assets, this ensures that all elements within the game maintain a fair valuation, enhancing the gaming experience with a layer of real-time economic strategy.

In what ways can players monetize their in-game achievements in The CORE?

M: Unlike centralized gaming distribution platforms with closed markets, THE CORE leverages web3's potential, allowing users to trade or sell assets in peer-to-peer markets freely. Every in-game item is tokenized, facilitating interoperability with DeFi protocols and marketplaces. Additionally, building empires and developing joint infrastructure rewards players moving forward.

Can you provide examples of how players can capitalize on their assets through P2P marketplaces?

M: NFTs representing lands and interstellar infrastructure elements are integrated into OpenSea upon main-net launch. Resources, as ERC20 tokens, will follow suit, enabling sales or purchases on DeFi swap protocols as desired by players. We have selected the most widespread token standards, to support interoperability in the web3 ecosystem.

Could you elaborate on the two interconnected gameplay trajectories, individual progression, and joint exploration?

M: In THE CORE, players begin by building their empires, but expansive gameplay hinges on collective efforts to develop the interstellar infrastructure. This communal tech tree, starting with Rocket Launch Pads and Stations on celestial bodies, necessitates collaboration for expansion, distinguishing our game from traditional strategy games.

In what ways does The CORE balance competition and cooperation among players in its gameplay dynamics?

M: THE CORE fosters a dynamic balance where constructing interstellar infrastructure benefits all. Players wield influence over the game's direction, deciding on new areas for exploration and colonization. Strategic choices ensure that even competing players find common ground in cooperative goals, enriching the gameplay experience.

What advantages does the combination of blockchain and celestial simulation offer in The CORE?

M: Leveraging blockchain within space exploration simulates unlimited expansion and tech development in a secure, decentralized network. This approach ensures an enduring and boundless journey, allowing players unparalleled freedom in asset management and exploration.

What role does the Influence Token play in The CORE's governance system? How does the Influence Token empower holders to influence decisions about the platform's direction and future?

M: Influence Token holders significantly influence the direction of collective exploration. Decisions on exploring new territories are made using these tokens, integrating mechanisms to ensure a balanced outcome. Features are in place to guarantee equitable compensation and maintain long-term equilibrium in the game, accommodating both the pros and cons of each exploration decision.

Could you provide examples of decisions that holders of the Influence Token might participate in?

M: Initially, the Influence Token's role in governance is measured, avoiding linkage with real-world entities to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape carefully. This cautious approach ensures the project's longevity.

When’s Launch?

M: We're deep into our testnet beta, receiving positive feedback. The platform's performing well, and we're thrilled about the journey ahead. A launch date will be announced soon - and it's not going to be far!

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