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Innovativ Plastics Patented Alterative Building Technology Design's goal is to make a difference in the plastic waste industry and housing sector
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About Innovativ Plastics

Innovativ Plastics (Patented & Copyright) Alterative Building Technology Design's goal is to make a difference in more than one level and place to take on more than one challenge that we are faced with and create a turnkey solution. Innovativ Plastics focus and concept design creates recycling of plastic waste material into living space, plastic waste is one of the world's most biggest challenges and Innovativ Plastics goal and focus is to take that and create a solution to the other challenge faced, which is housing.
By means of this large amount of plastic waste can be turned into usable and innovative living space.

Innovativ Plastics Roadmap

  • Q1 2022

  • Website Launch
    Social Media | Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
    Global survey based on Innovativ Plastics
    Marketing Campaigns
    Expanding Team
  • Q2 2022

  • Negotiations with plastic waste beach cleanup institutions

    Negotiations with plastic waste recycling institutions

    Marketing campaign expansion

    Reaching out to different markets for our product
  • Q3 2022

  • Media coverage expansion

    Securing partnerships with plastic waste beach cleanup institutions

    Securing partnerships with plastic waste recycling institutions

    Alternative design concepts release stage

    Social media coverage expansion
  • Q4 2022

  • Further development planning and design expansion

    Prototype manufacturing Planning Phase of a POD 2.0

    Expanding Team

    Media Coverage Expansion

    Marketing campaign expansion

    Outlining markets & industries for Innovativ Plastics utilization
  • Read More
  • Q1 2023

  • Prototype Manufacturing of a POD 2.0 Unit

    Expanding Team

    Media Coverage Expansion

    Marketing Campaign Expansion

    Open Day Launch of POD 2.0
  • Q2 2023

  • Production planning and structuring

    Innovativ Plastics and future planning expansion

    Charity Foundation

    Roadmap V2.0


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30 Days Growth:

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