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INFINITY DATA CHAIN ICO A decentralized data service network by incentives for individuals or organizations to create, review, store, and access information on block chain cloud data. The main innovation in the block chain is a verifiable and cryptographically protected global ledger that leads to a new type of incentive structure. Developers can build applications that are not only structurally and politically decentralized but also supported by valuable tokens using the block chain system. Before a criminal can access a public database network and make it accessible to everyone, a network that exposes the information published to the cloud by the fact formed by people of the fact checker and artificial intelligence I propose.
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A decentralized data services network by incentives for individuals or organizations to create, review, store and access any information on the blockchain cloud data. The primary innovation of blockchains is a verifiable and cryptographically secured global ledger that can lead to new types of incentive structures. Developers can take advantage of the blockchain system to build applications that are not only architecturally and politically decentralized but are underpinned by tokens of value. We propose a network in which users put public information on the cloud to be reviewed by nodes which are formed with fact-checkers people and artificial intelligence before the miners have a chance to put it on the public database network for everyone to gain access with. If the information or data is private, then it won't be reviewed by but will be stored in the database promptly, for whom holds the access key to that information to retrieve only. All parties involved will be rewarded with tokens in a self-sustaining environment that thrives on tangible activity and the accuracy of content for public access rather than on advertising revenue and corporate interests. IDC solves the problems of modern internet data network faces. it's more secure: no one should be able to access your private data without your approval. it is more reliable: with a decentralized system, no organization or politic should influence the public opinion so should the content be more accurate. It is freer: people can stay anonymous and truly to able to have the freedom of speech no matter where they are. It's a next generational blockchain network for the people by the people!!


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