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IMNEX is a centralized exchange. IMNEX will open beta 10 in September 2018 in Korea. This ico will complete the Exchange work system so that investors can trade with confidence due to their superior technology and operational capabilities. In addition, our goal is to create a centralized exchange to facilitate the conversion of tokens into IMDEX into local currency. Creating a central exchange allows you to easily convert the crypt currency used in IMDEX, from ETH, EOS, NEO and so on currency. After the creation of the Central Exchange Rate, a new token will be developed for the main node, and the exchange will continue at a ratio of 100: 1 to investors with IMDEX, which will further reduce profits.
public ICO
Jul 10, 2018
Jul 31, 2018
100% completed
$145 000
14% cap completed
Cap 1 000 000.00 USD
  • 1 IMDX
    0.000004 ETH
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About Imdex

The financial authorities of each country started an investigation into the cryptocurrency exchange. In the U.S., all cryptocurrency exchanges are obligated to register, and in Japan the registration requirement for the cryptocurrency exchanges has been reinforced.
By analyzing the problems and limitations of existing exchanges, we have prepared exchanges that provide the most perfect security and convenience for traders.
We have created the exchange with the philosophy of creating the right future value for cryptocurrency.
We strive to provide a new standard for a more reliable cryptocurrency market by operating the best financial system with the fastest and the best transaction stability.
IMDX Token is an exchange coin for users who use the IMDEX and IMNEX exchanges.
The total number of tokens issued is 10,000,000,000, of which 1,800,000,000(18%) will be made available for sale to the public(ICO). The rest will be shared between the team, bonus, advisors and bounty program.
The IMDEX exchange uses 80% of its profit of transaction fee to repurchase the IMDX Token. 70% of this is redistributed for investors those trade on IMDEX, and 10% is redistributed for IMDX Token holders.
Also, The IMNEX exchange uses 50% of its profit of transaction fee to repurchase the IMDX Token. 40% of this is redistributed for investors those trade on IMDEX, and 10% is redistributed for IMDX Token holders.
giving 5% of the token per month to holding investors for one year. This buyback program is the first device to increase the price of a token.
By doing so, IMDEX Token value rises and investors can also protect their assets.

Imdex Roadmap

  • Dec 2017

  • IMDEX ExchangeStart Development
  • Mar 2018

  • IMDEX TokenICO PlanningThe Progress.
  • Jul 2018

  • IMDEX TokenPublic Sale Start(10.July.2018)
  • Aug 2018

  • IMDEX Token Distribution(1-10. Aug), IMDEX Exchange V.10 Open, 31.Aug.2018 First Reward 5% Swap.
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  • Sep 2018

  • Centralized Exchange Start Development. MasterNode Token Start Development. NEO Market Open.
  • Q4 2018

  • IMDEX Token Global &Korea Exchange Listing
  • Q1 2019

  • MasterNode Coin 100:1 Air drop, EOS Market Open, MOU with NEW ICO Tokens
  • Q3 2019

  • MasterNode Coin 100:1 Swap, MasterNode Service Start


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Imdex Team

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Caley YOON
Founder & COO
Riley Kim
Team Blockchain Leader
Aaron Hwang
Blockchain Solution Architect
Business Development Manager
5.0 17
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Imdex Reviews

Samson Owiti
Cryptotrader, Crypto investor, Blockchain business expert

IMDEX is a decentralized exchange that enables the investors to trade with confidence through its superior technology and operational capability.


  • Convenience: The platform enables the users to trade and exchange different cryptocurrencies easily without incurring any additional costs
  • Less costly: The platform enables the users to transfer the tokens directly into the other users wallets during the exchange  hence skipping the withdrawals and deposits reducing the unnecessary costs
  • Safety: The platform doesn’t  gather  the user’s personal information thereby there is a little  information the hackers can get in case they gain access to the user’s wallets  hence acting as a secure means to the user’s information
  • The  IMDX tokens are exchangeable with  the commonly used cryptocurrencies and fiat hence enabling the users to carry out easy trade and exchange
  • The platform  has a good team comprising of professionals with adequate skills and experience  enabling easy  project implementation
  • The platform has a well elaborate  whitepaper which is available in different languages  hence promoting  an extensive use in all countries


  • The platform lacks a mobile application supported by Android and IOS to enable easy cryptocurrency exchange into the user wallets
  • Fewer team members involved with no advisors to help in the guideline to the project implementation
  • The amount raised by the  IMDX token during the crowd sale is  not highlighted in the whitepaper


  • The platform should involve more team members  and advisors
  • The technical team should develop a mobile application supported by Andriod and IOS to enable easy exchange across the globe from anywhere
  • The amount raised for the project implementation by the IMDX tokens  should be highlighted


The platform enables faster exchanges between wallets and wallets without the need of an account through the Ethereum Network making it viable. I would therefore invest in it.

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