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Hydrogeno - Company based on producing a cleaner future
ICO Phase 2
Oct 1, 2019
Oct 30, 2019
100% completed
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ICO phase 1
Aug 1, 2019
Sep 30, 2019
100% completed
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About Hydrogeno

Hydrogeno Overview

Hydrogeno is a company based in the UK that will change the future of energy. 
The current perception of the future of energy is focused mainly on electricity but only a very small percentage of electricity originates from renewable sources, with Hydrogeno we will change this and imprint our brand name into the future of energy. We are testing ways to not only produce Hydrogen but also use it for example, we are working on building motors and generators powered by electricity that is created from Hydrogen, we are also currently working on a generator that can power a flat using just Hydrogen. 
We understand we are not pioneers in the Hydrogen industry but a major concern in this industry is price and reliability, due to prices to produce Hydrogen the costs to make-use of this as a source of energy can be high, this is where Hydrogeno are working on fixing this by testing methods to extract Hydrogen at a huge fraction of today's prices. 

The team of Hydrogeno consists of the 2 founders; Jacob Drewery & Nick Fisher, both have experience in the energy sector and have been working on small projects in the past, they have chosen to now take the big step and create Hydrogeno. Within the team of Hydrogeno there are 6 others who cannot be named as they have a legal obligation towards Hydrogeno, due to the nature of business, to maintain confidentiality and thus have chosen to remain anonymous.

Hydrogeno Token will be our initial public offering of shares in Hydrogeno, as initial investors between August 2019-October 2019 all investors will receive a bonus when exchanging these tokens for physical shares in Hydrogeno which we estimate will happen in Q1 2020. Starting capital was never an issue but to become a brand and to achieve what we aim we have chosen to offer the public the option to join our company as early shareholders in the simplest way possible by visiting our website. We have decided to go with a simple approach to the ICO launch to ensure everything goes as smooth as possible but also so we can manage our investors without any issues.

We will aim to get Hydrogeno Token (HYDO) listed on as many exchanges as possible to ensure you have the option to sell your shares should you need to.


Hydrogeno key-features and opportunities 

1.   Hydrogeno Share – Earn by buying and selling HYDO
2.   Early investment leading to great returns
3.   Receive dividend in the future 
4.   Discounts on energy to token holders
5.   Being part of a future with cleaner air


30 Days Growth:

Hydrogeno Last News

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