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Hybrid Finance is a protocol that aims at becoming an ecosystem, with at its core our autocompounding token, and evolving around that there will be a real-world utility NFT and a DeFi accelerator that funs/helps projects start and grow.
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About Hybrid

Hybrid Finance uses a unique blend of two, tried and tested methods of revenue generation.
Transaction Fees.
10% on Buy Transactions. 15% on Sell Transactions. These Transaction fees are the primary source of revenue and are channeled directly into the RFV (Risk Free Value), this in turn, is backing the rebases, such a system is deployed to great effect in projects like Titano, Return On Investment. The second source of revenue is the Treasury, While the RFV is busy sustaining Rebases and funding "buy n burn's", the treasury, made up of 30% of Transaction fees in the RFV, is deployed into two separate categories. Risk Free ( stable Yield Farming, LPs, Staking, etc ) High Risk. ( Seed round investment, Venture Capital investment, etc ) The culmination of these two tried and tested revenue generation methods results in a sustainable (genuinely) auto staked, auto compounded, APY of 50,000%.
Internal Financial Ratio
An internal financial ratio (IFR) of RFV (70%) and Treasury (30%) will be maintain via manual transactions which will be conducted as necessary these IFR transactions will be announced 24hrs beforehand along with the relevant snowtrace link upon completion. This is to ensure no one panics seeing funds leave the RFV. All IFR transactions will be between the RFV and Treasury so the two addresses used will always be the same so as to be easily verifiable.  

Hybrid Roadmap

  • Presale. Tier 1 ( Tycoonist )

  • Date: 5th April 2022
    Time: 6PM UTC
    Duration: 24 Hours
  • Tier 2 ( Capitalist )

  • Date: 6th April 2022
    Time: 6PM UTC
    Duration: 24 Hours
  • FCFS

  • Date: 7th April 2022
    Time: 6PM UTC
    Duration: 24 Hours / Until all tokens are sold.
  • Launch.

  • Date: 12th April 2022
    Time: 6PM UTC
    Location: TraderJoe


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