Horizon World

Horizon World

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Horizon WORLD is a virtual gaming world, owned by the users.
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About Horizon World

The HORIZON WORLD is a virtual world offering an immersive metaverse in which players can build, customize, and monetize their gaming experiences in the Ethereum Blockchain. Enjoying secure copyright ownership.

The HORIZON WORLD is made up of digital pieces of real estate and will be a highly social-oriented platform, that you can buy and where you can build clubs for your friends to hang out, venues for online events, build games, and other virtual experiences.

HORIZON WORLD is a digital layer covering the entire universe.


At HORIZON WORLD, we highly respect transparency amongst our investors, whereby upon sellout, 95% of funds will be transferred here for developmental purposes. This allows everyone to see where the funds are being used, and whether it is used efficiently/wisely.

Development Purposes includes:

  • Launch of HORIZON WORLD
  • Utility Marketplace (Constant additions of new improvements, eg. new features)
  • Integration of $APECoin
  • Improvements to Staking (To make staking more fun & rewarding, eg. gamification)
  • Trading tool utility (Long-term partnerships with trading groups)
  • An MMO-Open World Community game
  • An NFTWorlds/Minecraft Project
  • Sandbox Project (Assets, animations, VFX, game mechanics etc)
  • Building of future collections (2nd & 3rd collection has been planned already)
  • Tokenomics Technology (Eg. Tooling to improve P2E economy)


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