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We are a NFT collection that pays our sustainable passive income through our native token, HNY. A user requires 10 HNY to purchase one of our genesis bee nfts. We are about to release our own native NFT marketplace, which will be used as a secondary market for hive NFTs, as well as adding utility to the hive ecosystem.
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Hive Investments is a next-generation NFT and DeFi-as-a-Service (DaaS) protocol on
Polygon with a focus on sustainability, transparency, and reliability. Formed by a
coalition of expert investors, serial entrepreneurs, and established members of the
cryptocurrency space, we will leverage our unique blend of proven strategies and
radical innovation in the field of DaaS. The goal is to achieve market-leading

HONEY Roadmap

  • Hexagon

  • Develop and expand Hexagon, our native and proprietary NFT
    marketplace. We will continue to add features as well as expand our list of
    partnered projects. There will be at least 2 iterations of Hexagon (v1 and v2).
    o Hexagon v1 – the first iteration of Hexagon will be a simple marketplace with
    base functionalities and the Hive NFTs.
    o Hexagon v2 – the second iteration of Hexagon will have expanded
    functionalities for both users and collection owners, upgraded UI/UX, and a
    growing number of premium NFT collections that will all be hand vetted by
    the core team.
  • Hexagon Launchpad

  • Develop a launchpad on Hexagon v2, which will incentivize
    NFT projects to launch on the first zero-fee NFT marketplace and further reward
    Hive NFT holders.
  • Hive Academy

  • – Grow our in-house investor education branch, which will have
    free courses for beginners as well as advanced paid courses on a range of DeFi and
    crypto subjects
  • Treasury Funds Deployment

  • Fully deploy our treasury funds and establish
    recurring revenue streams into productive investments; these will be made over
    time and in accordance with our in-house investment strategy.
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  • Partnerships

  • Build strategic partnerships that will enable us to more effectively
    speed the expansion of the Hive ecosystem.
  • Hive dApp

  • Complete the buildout of the Hive dApp, accessible at
    Hive.Investments with the initial following features:
    o Investment reports - detailing investments made by Hive and expected
    o Bounty system - Hive and NFT holders can use $HNY tokens to find and
    recruit help for various tasks.
  • Hive Ecosystem -

  • Further expand the Hive ecosystem, with a focus on maximizing
    the utility of the $HNY token. Under-promise and over-deliver


37 621
30 409
30 Days Growth:

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