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HolyRock NFT

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Exclusive community project that combines the business world and technological progress with Jewish faith and spirit.
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About HolyRock NFT

Holy Rock NFT is an exclusive community project that combines the business world and technological progress with Jewish faith and spirit.

The basis for the project is a globally unique and first-of-its-kind initiative: using digital technologies to create an accurate imaging of the Western Wall stones.

The stones of the Western Wall are thousands of years old. Each stone has its own distinctive appearance, dimensions, weight, shape and age. Some of the stones are particularly prominent and rare, due to their gigantic dimensions or the unusual inscriptions embedded in them.

Each member of the Holy Rock NFT community project will have sole possession and ownership of a simulated image, identical to one of the original Western Wall stones. Every crack, chisel and historical inscription that exists on the original stone will appear on the image.

Each image is marked with an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) code, used to identify original, exclusive and non-copyable digital works.

HolyRock NFT Roadmap

  • Public Sale

  • On November 27, 2021, the public sale opens.
    2357 Holy Rocks will be offered in the public sale.
    Of these, 125 stones for special personal prayers will be allocated.
    On December 5, 2021, we will reveal the Holy Rocks and the "Rarity Table" will be made available to the general public.
  • Project Vision

  • Once the institutional stages of this project is completed, we will ensure to continue long-term development.
    We will work to create a global technological-business ecosystem, alongside the expression of judicial values of faith and spirit.
    We will create a community from innovative projects, where different investments will be generated from the root of the original content.
    Striving at an accelerated pace to be the first pioneering spiritual enterprise in the world of METAVERSE.
    We are very excited to invite you to the launch of this futuristic project combining business, technology and spirit together.


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HolyRock NFT Team

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Avi Cohen
Business & Community Expert
Noam Pollak
Marketing & Product Expert

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