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Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Our goal is to create a gaming ecosystem where millions of players can turn their gaming passion
into NFTs and tokens that they can truly own. We are embarking on an adventure to make the world’s most popular MOBA game by combining the blockchain and gaming industry.

We are committed to creating a fair ecosystem for gamers. We think players should own their
own assets and have full access to what happens to them. We believe that players should be able
to participate in an open market where every value they contribute to the ecosystem should be
rewarded, just like the real world economy.
Jan 20, 2022
Jan 27, 2022
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HeroesOfCrypto LLC.
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Cayman Islands
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Nov 1, 2021
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About Heroes Of Crypto


Heroes of Crypto is a competitive moba game built on the Ethereum blockchain, where anyone can earn tokens ($HERO) and rewards as they play, as well as accumulate items and become collectors. $HERO is the currency of the Heroes of Crypto ecosystem. It is used for all purchases in the Heroes of Crypto marketplace. As players earn $HERO, they can accumulate, upgrade their items and mint extra items, skins and unique Heroes of Crypto heroes from the marketplace. Also,
$HERO is a governance token. All the assets in the game are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFT) and can be exported and
traded on open marketplace. Players can collect, sell, buy and save their characters and costumes as NFTs. They buy and sell with these NFTs in the marketplace, which is unique to Heroes of Crypto. This puts players in a potential business, making them a seller, buyer, or collector. The player is likely to mint a rare/precious NFT collector’s item at the rate of $HERO they are holding. So more $HERO means more rare NFT collectibles. In this way, in Heroes of Crypto, players win as they play while enjoying the game. By choosing sides and characters, Heroes of Crypto players find themselves in a familiar battle. Each selected character has their own unique powers, costumes and stories. While choosing a hero for himself, the player can establish a correlation between the character’s story and himself. In Heroes of Crypto, the Vitalians corps formed under the leadership of Vitalin, the most recognizable of the Rahor legends, are against the Elions led by Shor’s legendary war machine Elion The Musketeer!



Play to Earn Mechanics

Lead your heroes in competitive battles and collect $HERO tokens, valuable NFTs and rare chest
Players are entitled to receive rewards by playing any of the game modes such as PvP and PvE. It
provides extra income in Game-Fi elements (Yield Farming, Liquidity Pool) integrated into the game
with the awards it receives.

Honor List Prizes
Player who gets honor list status with accumulating rewards gets a chance to win extra $HERO
tokens and rare chests.

Daily Token Rewards
$HERO (tokens) will also be distributed to players daily in certain amounts. The player who logs in
every twenty-four hours without disrupting the game receives rewards. For extra rewards, it may
require players to make certain progress, choose the player of the match, do the given daily/weekly quests and earn victories.

Competitive MOBA Gameplay

Heroes of Crypto, where the dreams and talents of the players will work together, opens its doors
to the competitors. The strategy you create depends not only on hero strength, but also on players’
abilities such as composition, skill, planning and communication with their team.
Destroy The Crypton
The Crypton is the heart of both teams bases. Destroy the enemys Crypton first to win the game.
Clear The Lane
The team needs to clear at least one lane to reach the enemy Crypton. In this lane, you are faced
by the opening teams defense towers and Neero. Every lane has three towers and one Neero.
Two defense towers protect Crypton.
Take On The Amazone
Located between lanes. there are unique creatures and epic dragons waiting for players inside
Amazone. Killing these units gives you and your team power-up for a time.
Choose Your Role
There are five different roles recommended for a compatible team. There are heroes with detailed features for each lane. Choose your role and join the battle!


PvE - A.I. Mode
Choose your hero, choose the difficulty, and battle againts A.I. controlled opponents.
All the ranked play experience, but with none of the pressure.
All Random All Mid. Choose from five Heroes, then battle it out on a magical single-lane battleground.
Defeat other team climb the ranks all the way to Diamond as a solo player or with a party.

Heroes Roles

Choose the hero that best fits your playstyle and team composition. Heroes are divided into the
following categories so you can easily find the role that best suits your playstyle.

Tank Heroes are formidable fighters that protect their team by absorbing attacks from the enemy
and blocking their advance.
Assassin heroes are fearless hunters that deal high damage to their opponents in a short time.
Fighters are on the front lines with relatively high health, inflicting moderate damage.
Support Heroes can inflict power-ups and heals on an ally damaged in combat. When necessary,
they can save them from their stunned position.
Mage heroes can turn the tide of teamfights by inflicting high and instant magic damage. It is an
important map controller with large area damage.

Game-Fi / NFT Marketplace

This is where Yield Farming and Liquidity Pool converge on Heroes of Crypto. Finance and gaming
factors combine to allow players to enjoy the MOBA game completely free of charge and earn profits. Players can earn rewards by playing games on Heroes of Crypto without paying any fees. These
are the $HERO token, NFT items (Rare characters, Unique skins and etc.) and chests. Earned $HERO
tokens can be used on Heroes of Crypto Game-Fi and extra earnings can be earned.
NFT Marketplace
Heroes of Crypto allows all players to choose two characters at the start of the game. In order to
reach new characters, the player can buy new characters (won or bought from the game) with the
tokens in his hand from the marketplace place. In addition, there is a chance to win new characters from the prize chests. However, NFT characters can only be purchased or minted from the NFT
Players can get unique skins for the character or characters they choose in the NFT marketplace
area. Skins are designed completely independently of each other and will be unique to you. Heroes
of Crypto NFT marketplaceplace is designed as a user-friendly platform where you can quickly and
easily trade the token revenues from your game victories, the chests and NFTs you have dropped
from the battles you have won.

Heroes Of Crypto NFT Heroes
• ERC-721
• Can evolve from battles
• Can be sold/bought on the HeroesOfCrypto marketplace or any of the NFT markets
• Tradable

Heroes Of Crypto non NFT Heroes
• Not token
• Free reward from PvE mode
• Untradable
• Can be ascended to NFT heroes using $HERO

The Battle Now In Metaverse
Players will carry their dominance and collectibles to the Metaverse. They will no longer use traditional devices such as laptops, tablets or mobile phones to participate in the game. Instead, the
legendary battle of the planets Rahor and Shor in Heroes of Crypto will continue in the three-dimensional virtual world. Until the real winner is determined and owns the universe

Heroes Of Crypto Roadmap

  • Q4-2021

  • -HeroesOfCrypto Concept
    -heroesofcrypto.co Website
    -Game is intesting phase
    -Whitepaper of Heroes of Crypto
  • Q1-2022

  • -Character balancing, rewards and content scaling for version closed BETA
    -Game development
    -NFT Launch
    -$HERO Launch
  • Q2-2022

  • -Launch of MVP on IOS,Android and Windows.
    -Aditional NFT Mining Features
    -Website Marketplace (The marketplace open for the player to trade their NFT's
    -Commence mobile optimisation for the game
    -PvE mode released
  • Q3-2022

  • -PvP mode released
    -Workshop to recieved feedback from the community
    -Staking and yield farming
    -Marketing development
    -New heroes landed in Rahor & Shor!
    -Characters skills balanced and new skills added.


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