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Hash Rush

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Hash Rush is a first of its kind game in which your performance earns you real-world cryptocurrency. On fantastical planets populated by Ernacks, Space Pirates or the Highborn of Eldaria, you will build a base, craft tools for your minions and develop an economy around mining stations. But beware! Monsters dwell in the deepest pits, protecting all that is precious: the crypto crystals.
Risk: High
Sep 20, 2017
Oct 20, 2017
100% completed
$1 737 000
2% cap completed
Cap 70 000.00 ETH
  • 1000 RC
    1 ETH
Additional Details

About Hash Rush

ICO Details

The Hash Rush in-game currency, Rush Coin (RC) tokens will be available during the Hash Rush ICO from 20:00 UTC on September 20, 2017 to 20:00 UTC on October 20, 2017 unless a cap of 64,050,000 RC tokens sold is reached earlier. You can participate in the ICO with ETH, BTC, ETC, QTUM at https://www.hashrush.com/ico

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What is Hash Rush?

Hash Rush is a ground-breaking project that combines real-time strategy gaming with cryptocurrency mining, allowing players to earn cryptocurrency rewards while enjoying a deep, immersive and ever-growing strategy game. To make this hash-powered game a reality, Hash Rush is developed by an experienced team headed up by Lead Game Producer Rafal Nowocien of the highly acclaimed The Witcher series. A playable pre-alpha version is currently in the works and will be released in mid-December. The launch of Hash Rush is currently planned for Q3 2018.

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How Hash Rush creates value

Many mainstream gamers are eager to learn more about cryptocurrency mining and the blockchain. However, this technology is currently limited to a very small segment of the market, as it requires a lot of technical know-how. Hash Rush removes this technical threshold and makes cryptocurrency mining fun. In this sense, Hash Rush is a unique project; it allows gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike to enjoy an intriguing and immersive new video game while earning different kinds of cryptocurrencies.

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Hash Rush Roadmap

  • First ideas about a crypto-mining game

  • First ideas about an interactive and immersive game
    backed by cryptocurrency mining put on paper.
  • Months of brainstorming

  • The Hash Rush founders started brainstorming about the setting of the game, a potential token, technical details, game lore, and much more.
  • The search for experienced team members begins

  • Started our search for experienced and
    reliable team members who had gaming and the blockchain close to
    their hearts.
  • Production of game documentation underway

  • Started producing the full game
    documentation with lead game producer Rafal Nowocien and the team at Tractor, Set, Go!
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  • Begin of concept art of 'Ernacks' faction

  • Started designing the concept art for the Hermeian Solar System and the Ernacks faction.
  • Launch of the Hash Rush Pre-ICO

  • The Hash Rush Pre-ICO is underway!
  • End of the Hash Rush Pre-ICO

  • The Hash Rush Pre-ICO ended, which raised more than 2,500 ETH.
  • New team members: Chief Game Economist & more

  • Hash Rush onboarded Chief Game Economist Jethro Naude, Director of Marketing Craig Ritchie, and Concept Artist Nicholas Ng Hanyang to take Hash Rush to the next level.
  • Launch of the Hash Rush ICO

  • Hash Rush launched the ICO with the goal of taking crypto-gaming to the next level.
  • Hash Rush ICO ends

  • With thousands of investors participating, the Hash Rush ICO comes to an end, allowing the HR team to make Hash Rush a reality.
  • Pre-Alpha Launched

  • Lead Game Developer Rafal Nowocien and the development team at Tractor, Set, Go! launch the pre-alpha version of Hash Rush, the first large-scale hash-powered game.
  • Official launch of the Hash Rush game

  • During Q3 2018 (exact date to be announced), we launch the official version of Hash Rush!


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Hash Rush Team

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Kristaps 'Kris' Vaiv...
Project Lead & Co-Founder
Maris 'Nathan' Ziedo...
Project Lead & Co-Founder
Rafal Nowocien
Senior Game Producer
Jethro Naude
Chief Game Economist
Craig Ritchie
Director of Marketing
Jochem Gerritsen
Public Relations Specialist
Nicholas Ng Hanyang
Concept Artist & Illustrator
Jefferson Davis
Smart Contract Developer
Cristean Cristea
Lead Developer
Horea Trinca
Game Designer & Graphic Designer
Kaan Dagkilic
Graphic & Web Designer
Dendy Dhamier
Lead Concept Artist & Illustrator
Razvan Suciu
Gameplay Developer
Radu Corbu
Game Programmer & Level Designer
Sebastian Damian
Sound Designer & Music Composer
Andreea Cristea
Business Manager & QA
Adrian Bugnar
Art Director & Game Designer
5.0 20
ICO Profile Vision Activity Potential Product Team

Hash Rush Reviews


Hash Rush describes itself as “the first next-generation hash-powered browser game where players can earn cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.” It’s a unique concept that borrows ideas from MMOs and browser-based games. It gamifies the mining process and allows users to participate in real cryptocurrency mining.

Hash Rush’s ICO goes into a surprising amount of detail about the project – including details about the singleplayer storyline, the specific factions, and other information. It’s a fully-fledged gaming platform that is preparing to launch this fall.

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