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Collection of Hamsters NFTs on solana.
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About Hamsters

Hamsters is collection of unique creatures , it's main aim is creating incredible community and give people new revolutionary M2E game. Holders will have opportunity to earn $CARROTS and trade them. And it's even not all of the utilities Hamsters have! Hamsters will have a system of breeding, which allows you to get a more rare Hamster NFT. Be ready to play one of the best P2E mobile games. Be a part of Hamsters!

Hamsters Roadmap

  • Birth of Hamsters:

  • Creating a unique family of Hamsters in the NFT space. Each is alive and has it's own identity. Once they were born , they need place to live, and we move to "Hamsters Hub".
  • Hamsters Hub:

  • Creating Twitter and Discord hub for Hamsters and let them communicate, collaborate with each other, having fun together and create Hamsters history. Building a presentation for them as a website to let the world know about Hamsters. It takes us to another stage, "Insight into the world".
  • Insight into the world:

  • There are so many other amazing creatures in our world Hamsters can meet. They'll bring us new ideas, new culture and more fun of course. Collaborations will give us more recognition. Let's chill together! Now it's time to find out who's real Hamster, and we move to "Hamsterlist".
  • Hamsterlist:

  • We're interested in creating a smart, inventive, friendly Hamsters community. So we'll let people proof they really deserves their spot in our family. Development, trust, friendship. Are we ready to join the Hamsters family?
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  • Hamsters mint:

  • It's finally time to become part of Hamsters! The details we be declared. Three stages: OG Hamsters, WL Hamsters and Public Hamsters will get their NFTs.
  • Hamsters DAO:

  • Community of Hamsters getting it's first benefit - analytics of other projects, trading and communication between Hamsters who wants to earn with NFT Space.
  • $CARROT:

  • Like all hamsters, we all like carrots, it's tasty and healthy. We'll have opportunity to trade $CARROT to USDT and of course earn it! It comes to the huge thing... Hamsters P2E Mobile Game!
  • Hamsters Game app:

  • It's the most interesting part of this project. Game, where you can live with your Hamster! Take care of it, teach your hamster, train it and just have fun. At the end of each day you'll get different amount of $CARROT from your Hamster depends on Hamster's mood.


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