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Habitus token has been designed to bring cryptocurrency into the development of the property industry
Jul 10, 2019
Dec 31, 2019
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About Habitus.global

Why, what & how

We are true believers that cryptocurrency will one day be the only currency that the world uses. Habitus HABS will be the start of bigger things. We are a small but dedicated team from all over the world with one vision and one goal... Homes for all and financial freedom.

Far too long have we had to just get by week by week and month by month. Our vision is that Habitus will change this in a BIG way. Cryptocurrency was formed to bring freedom to the masses and that's what we can do here. We want to build communities based on and around cryptocurrency. Habitus will be the cryptocurrency that can do this. It's for one gain and one vision for homes for all and we can and WE will do this. 

We want to give our investors a RETURN, not just a token. A token rise is great but why not have a real investment as well. 

Example - Redevelopment

Funds raised $100,000

Property Build Cost $60,000

Fees $5000.00

Total Build cost $65,000

Sale of the Build $130,000

Profit $55,000 

75% of the profit will be put back into the building of new property. The remaining 25% will be distributed to all initial investors from the exchange pre release.

Habitus will be running a fully transparent operation where you as the investor can view everything we do. This will be visible via the members section. A unique password and user ID will be issued to all pre ICO investors only. 

We hope your experience and future with Habitus will be amazing. We don't want to bombard you with technology jargon that will confuse you. We want to show you how it works and how we can make this an amazing experience for everyone involved in the project


Due to many problems with the current state of the property market, we are starting the development of a new way to present property which also helps the environment. Our knowledge of property development enables us to gain the maximum returns for our investors. We will be building homes of the future which will benefit the environment and the cryptocurrency world. Our long term goal is to bring affordable living and serviced properties gaining the longest and most secure returns for our investors. Alongside of this we will be launching into the cryptocurrency mining area. We know the harsh reality of mining in the recent years has driven down its potential but this shouldn't be the case. Habitus will be building apartment blocks with technology centres attached for those wishing to help grow and develop the cryptocurrency mining system. 

Our goal is to allow you the freedom to live in an environment which is eco friendly but in the knowledge that your investment is making you a return month after month. We are not asking you to invest in a pipe dream or some random software, we are asking you to invest in a physical development and something you can also be involved in directly. We will be running a fully transparent business where you as the investor can at any point request informationon our projecy.

Habitus is here at the right time and has the right outlook on our future and for your investment, we are not running a short term investment. Once Habitus starts making a profit then you do also. Were not running a short term investment we are looking for long term with payments to its investors monthly. You as the investor are the ones who make this possible. We are not here to confuse you with jargon about the blockchain or what it does. We know some our investors potentially have a basic knowledge of the blockchain. Creating something special is all about problem-solving and this is what we are good at it. 

From the Eth raised in the pre sale we will launch the remaining tokens on to several exchanges and grow the token. Any funds left will be used to purchase property with cryptocurrency and sell for a profit.

Profits from sales of the properties will be exchanged into cryptocurrency. 25% of this will be divided equally and distributed back to all our investors.

So, not only will you have the tokens going up in price you will also be making profits on every development that Habitus is involved in. We are here to prove to the world that cryptocurrency can make a difference in the world. 

So unlike most ICO investments where you just buy into a token and hope it goes up in price, Habitus is actually going to develop the business and expand to building property world wide. This will drive the price of the token up as its actually making a difference in the world. 


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