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Upscaling DAOs with Optimistic Rollup Technology
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About Habitat

Domains are communities that share the Habitat scaling infrastructure. Each Domain stays sovereign! All Domains and their members can submit transactions at a fraction of the mainnet cost, the shared Optimistic Rollup submits them all together. With practical innovation secured, domains can discover, crowdfund or build new features for their community. Habitat also connects voting with smart contract interactions and management of treasuries. Goodbye, multisig wallet. Discover, Discuss, Propose, Vote. Decide, Together. Coordination via incentive design. Work on new features can be crowdfunded across all Domains. Access to new features can be bought per Domain and the profit goes to the creators and funders of the chosen feature. This secures an income stream for makers of new features and distributes dividends to their funders. The result is a ecosystem cycle that provides a healthy soil for all inhabitants.

Together with you and the communities on Habitat we build a open-source, all-in-one community toolkit on Ethereum. Guide the Habitat network and decide about new features and upgrades for your community. Participate in the design of the infrastructure and improve the protocol by stacking your Habitat token for important signals

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