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"BESTIARY" explores the characters, monsters, and otherworldy creatures from my metaverse. Since ancient times, people described animals and natural history in volumes called bestiaries. My creatures and worlds are now logged on the blockchain in the series "BESTIARY." The characters are a reflection of my exploration of identity - gender and ancestry.
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First and foremost, I wanted to dedicate a collection of NFTs to larger, more complex narrative artwork. Pieces in this series look back at my comics and zines, and pave way for new stories.

I designed and minted the first piece on in July 2021. It was very experimental. I had not drawn or showcased humanoid characters for a few years, so I did not yet lock down the design. I was also experimenting with traditional and digital two-frame animation, and I started to delve into minting my colored pencil drawings (See MRAMMOU).

Shortly after sale of the genesis piece, I made the decision to focus on minting NFTs in traditional media. I took a break from BESTIARY so I could fine tune the art style and direction.

The result are 2D standalone drawings, featuring a character with hints of their domain, completed on paper with colored pencil and ink. I also minted the series on its own custom contract.

The first token in the new collection, a mermaid, was intended as a redraw of the genesis piece on Known Origin. I never forget the support of my collectors - the new genesis token will be transferred, free of charge, to the original holder of the genesis BESTIARY piece.


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