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Got Guaranteed

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
GotG launched the world's first DAG guarantee·insurance solution in the digital asset market. GotG was the first in the digital asset market to implement and launch the DAG guarantee· insurance solution which is evaluated as an achievement that dramatically improved the stability of digital asset investors. Now, digital asset management foundations and digital asset investors can obtain both stability and profitability for their digital assets at the same time through GotG Platform’s DAG guarantee·insurance solution.
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About Got Guaranteed

An innovative and secured future with GotG.

Secure your Digital and
Physical Assets with GotG
GotG World

Stable and Profitable NFT Assets
Virtuous Cycle Mechanism of Guaranteed Assets

DAG Program

NFT BASKET with Real Assets worth 1.5 trillion won
→ Investor Protection DAG program

* DAG = Digital Asset Guarantee

Only GotG

The only platform based on real assets guarantee.
Stable revenue realization through the insurance of digital assets


Wallet, Market, and Messenger integrated platform

Standardization service in the Web3 era
Life Minting Tool based on NFT

A new standard in Virtual Assets and NFT markets Entering a New Era of Virtual Assets and NFT Real Assets based NFT

GotG's NFT is based on real assets such as real estate before development, mining, IP (content copyrights, etc.)
After NFT development, we share benefits such as shares and operating profit, exchange of spot assets to investors who own our NFTs.

Investors who own NFTs during the development period are given the right of ownership and possession of these assets.

Non-fungible, Original Proof Tracking System

An NFT is a digital file with a unique DNA.

GotG strives to contain these unique digital files and wants to provide a tracking system to prevent accidents such as indiscriminate copying and incorrect exchange of unique digital files.

NFTs Leading Revolutionary Changes in the Copyright System

The creation and transfer of rights such as ownership or copyright to digitally created works is contained in the blockchain technology.
Non-registered works could be displayed and highlighted on the networks and be recognized as assets.

Visible digital assets NFT

GotG's strives to make the NFT visible. It provides a digital guarantee (certificate of authenticity) for the value contained in NFT. GotG plans to provide consumers with a ‘Compensation Plan’ by applying DAG solutions in case of accidents such as forgery or copyright violation.



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