Gorillas In the Bar

Gorillas In the Bar

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
7000 Gorillas Chilling in The Bar
Polygon Blockchain
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About Gorillas In the Bar

There are a lot of different works in the world. Somebody sits in his office 5/8, got $50k pro year paid, others are sitting home and grinding different offers, doctors, policemen, taxi drivers and so on… are always together in the bar.

No matter who you are, here all guys are chilling and discussing lots of topics. Our apes are friends too. They work separate, they live separate, but they are always together in the bar.

GiB is a gift from our team to those who believe in the power of NFT Community, to those who didn't catch the departing NFT train, to those who want to get into the NFT community.

We use Polygon blockchain, so... you'll be able to make a deep dive into into Web 3.0 without big financial investments and risks...


Dual collection will be released at the same time. Undead Gorillas will be free for GiB holders or 120 Matic for everyone. What's that for? We're thinking about Metaverse with game mechanics. It depends on the budget we'll raise.


Gorillas In the Bar Roadmap

  • Step 1

  • Community building. First of all, we will build an active community with good support in Discord. At this stage, there will be a lot of giveaways. Collaborations with other Artists and projects.
  • Step 2

  • Verified Community driven project. Time to become a verified member of GiB. As a Gorillas In The Bar NFT holder, you'll be eligible for future airdrops of tokens and other prizes.
  • Step 3

  • Community Wallet - All Royalties from the secondary market/sales will go to Community Wallet (GiB Treasury) and then the community will decide what to do next with those funds.

    Promotion - we will spread the world about GiB Club.
  • Step 4

  • DAO & ERC-20 token release. Staking and second collection for holders.

    Airdrop for GiB holders (3 or more tokens). From now 7.5% of the income will be directed to the DAO reserve wallet for future DAO-based activities. Yes, we want to add a bit of DAO spiciness to the project and also, been thinking about starting to implement a metaverse to the project!

    More information on that coming soon, stay tuned!

    Metaverse with gaming mechanics.....?


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