Goofball Gang

Goofball Gang

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Interactive and Customizable NFTs
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About Goofball Gang

Goofballs are animated, interactive, vector-based and customizable NFTs. You're alive so your profile picture should be too!

Goofballs come with an editor to create images and videos (animated GIFs and MP4). Every Goofball earns $GOOF tokens daily to change attributes of your Goofball. Goofball Gang is organically growing and has minted 4532 tokens so far.We don't believe in spammy promotion tactics and hyped up sellouts with unrealistic expectations.

Goofball Gang Roadmap

  • October 1st 2021:

  • first drop of 256 tokens. 20% cats (special type) and 80% humans. Sold out in 3 days
  • October 7-14th 2021:

  • Goofball Rarity Explorerand Goofball Editor! Discover rare Goofballs and compare the different traits. The editor allows you to customize your Goofball and easily take pictures and record a video.
  • October 22nd 2021:

  • final drop. Generation 2 Goofballs (numbers higher than 256) have cyborgs, aliens and bears as rare special characters and many new traits for the humans.
  • November 4th 2021:

  • setup of community fund wallet [etherscan]. 20% of the initial sale revenue and 75% of secondary market royalties (5%) will be collected by the community fund. The community fund will support the Goofball NFT price ('floor sweeping'), fund giveaways and marketing activities after the initial sale and be more active once the utility contract has been launched.
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  • November 16th 2021:

  • launch of $GOOF utility token. Initial support for changing your Goofball's name.
  • November 22nd 2021:

  • More animations (talking and pivoting head), and speech balloons launched.
  • December 2021:

  • Various new effects - snow, matrix, rain, WAGMI, NGMI and others accessible by keyboard shortcuts.
    Added Goofball group photo to the editor.
  • February 2022:

  • Reroll traits of your Goofball in the Makeover room.
    Using $GOOF tokens to claim new Goofballs
    Improve Goofball Studio to generate videos / animations featuring your Goofballs
    More integrations and marketing outreach


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Goofball Gang Last News

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