Global Innovative Solutions

Global Innovative Solutions

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May 6, 2022

Global Innovative Solutions (GSI) is one of the most interesting green projects in crypto, aims to clean up the environment from water and air pollution, developing and financing projects that respect nature and are ecologically sustainable.
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Jan 21, 2022
May 20, 2022
100% completed
$1 760 000
83% goal completed
Goal 2 100 000.00 USD
Cap 2 100 000.00 USD
  • 1 GSI
    0.08 USD
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Total supply
Token Distribution
35%: Liquidity in the pool
10%: Founders
2%: Foundation for charity
15%: Marketing
5%: Team
22%: Distribution to holders
11%: Statutory reserve
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Gold Solution
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Binance Smart Chain

About Global Innovative Solutions

GSI is a BEP-20 smart contract distributed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that aims to provide new inflationary tokenomics



Buyback 21% of its monthly profits

Green Mining; every token issued on the market, therefore, corresponds to and is really supported by tangible physical results. Money cannot be generated if it does not correspond to a real and concrete reduction of pollution certified on blockchain.

Release at 1% per month; throughout the succession of the presale path, the team has provided a replenishment plan that results in the release of 1% of the number of tokens, for each month. Therefore, the tokens will remain locked even after launch and you will be able to redeem them in your wallet at the rate of 1% per month, thus avoiding depreciation while providing a long-term passive income.

Charity; each month, GSI will donate 2% of profits to charity for water purification and pollution reduction, following the "2030 Agenda goals".

Technical Info

USA and China restricted areas

Global Innovative Solutions Roadmap

  • Q4 2021

  • Social Media Launch
    Website development and social media launch
  • Q4 2021

  • TechRate Audit
    Professional audit from TechRate
  • Q4 2021

  • Start Marketing Campaign
    Strategic marketing campaigns based on presale steps
  • Q1-Q2 2022

  • Pre-Sale
    Four steps of presale from 01/21/2022 to 05/20/2022
  • Read More
  • Q2-Q3 2022

  • New Partnership
    Commercial agreements with new partners for the token's adoption
  • Q3 2022

  • Launch on Pancake Swap
    Market launch and launch on Pancake Swap on 06/21/2022
  • Q3 2022

  • Buy-back Program
    21% of monthly profits will be reinvested in GSI
  • Q3 2022

  • Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
  • Q4 2022

  • First centralized Exchange listing
    Listing on Kucoin Exchange
  • Q1-Q2 2023

  • Further listing on the Exchanges
    Listing on Binance Exchange
  • Q1 2023

  • Solidity Finance audit
    Additional audit from Solidity Finance
  • Q2 2023

  • GSU token introduction
    Global Solution Unit (GSU) - reward stable token
  • Q3 2023

  • Promotional Campaigns
    Merchant marketing campaigns
  • Q4 2023

  • Sponsorships
    Formula E and ecological start-up sponsorships
  • Q4 2023

  • Certik audit
    Additional audit from Certik
  • Q2 2024

  • Merchant
    GSI token adoption by commercial activities
  • Q3 2024

  • E-commerce
    Affiliate companies to promote only and exclusively eco-sustainable products


13 634
30 Days Growth:
11 402
30 Days Growth:
Year commits:
Open issues:

Global Innovative Solutions Team

Verified 100%

Giuseppe Giacalone
Donatello Maligno
Marco Meo
Lorenzo Petinari
Chief Marketing Officer
Sandra Nicolae
Strategic Marketing Manager
Paola Colantonio
Social Media Manager

Global Innovative Solutions Interviews

Giuseppe Giacalone
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
As CEO my task is to design, manage and coordinate all the activities of the company, from technologies to human resources to achieve the company's Mission. But as founder I feel the duty to realize a dream, to make better the world we live in and to give financial well-being to as many people as possible.
What do you think about idea?
Giuseppe GSI: 2. The Global innovative Solutions project is the first project to include a strategy of sustainability of the environment and the value of the token from the very beginning. I am enthusiastic and determined. The project expresses in a nutshell everything I have always wanted to achieve.
Donatello Maligno
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I'm one of the three Co-Founders of Global Innovative Solutions, my task is to analyze, evaluate and discover new suitable and sensitive partners to reduce the world environmental framework at all levels, air, earth, sea, in defense of flora and fauna, with the absolute mutual goal of reversing the direction of march towards a now obvious and serious compromise of the entire planet. In addition, I am dedicated to identifying young talents who have a strong predisposition to seek more and more sustainable green systems to create energy.
What do you think about idea?
I strongly think that, step by step, we will be able to give a good contribution both to the community from the ecological point of view and from the financial one, investing a good part of the proceeds to associations and partner companies linked to us by a single goal, to improve the environment, to provide clean energy and to create collaborations and consequently socio-economic commitments of a certain relevance, both in industrialized and underdeveloped countries.
Marco Meo
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the Co-founder and plan business strategies, analyse plans and evaluate the steps taken to optimise and improve times and actions, for more efficient results and consistent with the project.
I take care of the relationships and exchanges between the team with the aim of maintaining harmony in the group and functional work.
What do you think about idea?
Project that has the ability to braid
with full functionality and power
-Real and digital economy
-Business and care of the planet
Project / ecosystem that feeds itself in a virtuous circle where all the figures involved have a great benefit.
Lorenzo Petinari
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I take care of all marketing activities, brand management, advertising and public relations. I define the budget to invest in every single activity aimed at giving visibility and awareness of the brand.
What do you think about idea?
innovative project that aims to safeguard the environment with the implementation of the Blockchain.
Sandra Nicolae
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the Marketing Manager and i take care of implementation of Web visibility strategies through search engines (SEO AND SEM), market and cryptomarket analysis, benchmarketing methods, advertising and media relations.
What do you think about idea?
I think Global Innovative Solutions (GSI) is a new direct and innovative way of involving individuals in the sustenance of the environment with the use of the Blockchain (GSI token).
Paola Colantonio
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the Social Media & Community Manager. I handle the communication and graphics.
I provide visibility to the company through social media by producing and publishing contents for our target users.
I manage communities by keeping users active and answering their questions.
I write press releases and contribute to the graphics and editing work along with my team.
What do you think about idea?
GSI is a very innovative project! I’m happy to be part of this team because I feel like I’m contribute to something really special: save the planet, our home. Do it through the blockchain makes it all the more exciting!
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