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GivaCoin is the project in crowd fundraising, with an emphasis on a rewards program that incentivizes community of donors for their campaign contributions.
Dec 26, 2017
Feb 24, 2018
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Cryptocurrency, Charity, Health


Crowdfunding Platform with a REWARD SYSTEM for Donors!
GivaCoin is the next evolution in crowd fundraising, with an emphasis on a rewards program that incentivizes our community of kindhearted donors for their campaign contributions.
Through our platform, donors will be able to make contributions to worthy causes through different forms of payment methods including credit card, PayPal, WeChat Pay, Alipay, as well as the two major crypto-currencies (Bitcoin and ETH). What differentiates GivaCoin from “all” other fundraising platforms is essentially our integrated reward program that rewards each donor with GivaCoin tokens. Tokens rewarded to donors will be available for future donation use at a calculated value or available for redemption of products based on the value
of tokens in one’s account. In essence, this utilizes the GVC tokens within our services and creates a loyalty program that we know will continue to bring utility to our platform. (Think of airline loyalty programs) Through our professional team of developers and business team members at GivaCoin, all donations made to campaigns will be delivered in a timely and seamless manner to each campaign initiator. We are creating a decentralized crowdfunding platform, allowing anyone in any corner of this planet with an internet connection to create fundraising campaigns or make financial contributions to a worthy cause. It is only the beginning for GivaCoin to introduce, establish, expand and modernize any existing global crowd fundraising program. Our initial target markets will be Canada and China as there is close social and commerce relationships between the countries; together with our leadership team spanning across
the two continents, it is ideal for our business team to target both of these countries not only strategically for business but also initial cost leverage. We will be running our platforms independently to ensure government regulations are met in both countries along with the best connection and communication for our campaigns and donors.
Going forward, we will expand regionally and grow with our global vision. GivaCoin will make it possible for any individual or communities to create charity fundraising campaigns for any life-events, and offer them the outreach of a global community of kind hearted donors.


  • Integrated reward program that rewards each donor with GivaCoin tokens.
  • Initial target markets will be Canada and China.
  • Organization helps individuals and families in severe financial need through crowdfunding.
  • GivaCoin will have three main operational areas: campaign building and outreach management; campaign funding and distribution management; and reward system management.
  • GivaCoin will offer users two methods to interact with service: web based portal forusers in front of their computers, and mobile application for mobile device users.


  • 2017

  • Our journey begins:
    - Crowdsale
    - Onboarding Leadership
    - Implement Process
    - Portal Development
  • 2018

  • - Marketing Campaign
    - Web Platform Deployment
    - Mobile Platform Deployment
    - Company Expansion
    - Process Improvement
  • 2019

  • GVC as the Major Global Fundraising Platform
    - Regional Campaign Expansion
    - Infrastructure Expansion
  • 2020

  • - Platform Upgrade and Revision
    - New Product Introduction
    - Global Campaign Expansion
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  • 2021

  • - Global Campaign Expansion
    - Further expand into future global markets
  • 2022

  • - GiveCoin to advance in market acquisition strategy to gain market share
    - Global Campaign Expansion
    - New Product Introduction
    - Platform Upgrade
    - Infrastructure Expansion



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As of now, most crypto fundraiser charity programs have a bad reputation for turning into scams. A large part of these ventures have scammers looking for a quick means to extorting cryptocurrency. However, Givacoin seems like a viable project willing to help through the blockchain. All-in-all, it's hard to track whether the donations are going to the right causes. The use of smart contracts does not guarantee full proof of fraud not happening. As a result, it is wise to keep away from such projects if you feel you don't trust them enough. Remember this is the blockchain, and any anything is possible from the most innocent of ventures.

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