Gilded Snake Club

Gilded Snake Club

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
10,000 Exclusive Gilded Snakes NFT Project
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About Gilded Snake Club

Welcome to the Gilded Snake Club, a tribe of 10,000 Gilded Snakes slithering around the ETH blockchain. In the near future, Gilded Snakes founded a cryptocurrency firm on Wall Street with exactly 10,000 employees. However, the top executives got consumed by greed and sold employee stock in the company and took the profit for themselves, driving the firm to the ground. Last week, 5 Gilded Snakes were found near what is believed to be a time machine. They are now searching diligently for other snakes, but their desired goal remains unknown…

Gilded Snake Club Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • Take a seat and relax. Join other fellow snakes on Discord, and sip a glass of champagne. We will be raffling 5 Gilded Snakes once we reach 20,000 members on Discord.
  • Phase 2

  • Once minting process is completed, 10% of the second-market royalties will be dedicated to a special fund to ensure the Gilded Snake Club’s longevity through marketing campaigns and floor sweeps.
  • Phase 3

  • Launch of the Gilded Snake merch collection, with the option of having your Gilded Snake NFT printed on the merch.
  • Phase 4

  • An exclusive Gilded Snake Club yacht party will be organized in a prime travel destination to reward the holders of the project and to announce the next move of the club and to prepare for chapter II.
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  • Phase 5

  • Our team will start implementing breeding functions in the upcoming weeks after the launch, which will allow Gilded Snake holders to receive tokens and burn them to create new, stronger snakes. In order to benefit from these breeding functions, you must own at least 2 Gilded Snakes.


15 753
30 Days Growth:
5.0 18
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