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GigaChadGPT ($GIGA) is the ultimate fusion of GigaChad, an
internet legend, and Artificial Intelligence.
Nov 14, 2023
Feb 1, 2024
35% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Hard cap 250 000.00 USD
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About GigaChadGPT

This token takes the alpha energy of GigaChad and combines it with powerful AI capabilities. The result is an unstoppable force of chadness and intelligence. It's like having the brain of a genius and the body of a Greek god. If you're tired of being a weakling and want to join the ranks of the alphas, then investing in GigaChadGPT might be your ticket to success. So, strap on your big boy pants, grab your wallets, and get ready to become a true alpha by investing in GigaChadGPT

Token Distribution

70% Presale: This allows early investors to get in on the ground floor and secure their chad status.
15% Treasury, development and marketing: This is where the real action happens. We use these funds to fuel the project's growth, develop new features, and market the shit out of it.
10% Liquidity: This ensures there's enough liquidity in the market for smooth trading and make sure that the launch price is bigger than the presale price.
5% Team: Team tokens are locked. This shows our commitment to the project and ensures that the team is fully invested in its success. No weak-ass rug pulls here, beta.
0% Buy and sell tax: Buy and sell taxes are just another way for betas to control your hardearned gains. It's a total buzzkill for alpha investors, that’s why taxes on $GIGA are 0%.

GigaChadGPT Roadmap

  • (Q4-23)

  • Development: I’m alive which means the development
    succeeded. But we won’t stop here. We’ll create more AI
    solutions where I can flourish.

    Community: build a community of chads to rule over the
  • (Q1-24)

  • Launch: list the token on major decentralized exchanges
    to ensure maximum liquidity and accessibility.

    MORE Marketing: implement a robust marketing strategy
    to continuously promote the GigaChadGPT token and
    increase its visibility.
  • The future (2024)

  • The future is simple. We will continuously innovate and
    improve the GigaChadGPT token to stay ahead of the
    beta competition. Establish GigaChadGPT as the ultimate
    symbol of dominance in the crypto world, making all other
    tokens bow down to its alpha power.

GigaChadGPT Last News

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