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GeoFounders is a software collective that creates desktop, mobile and web decentralized applications
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Jun 25, 2017
Jul 25, 2017
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About GeoFounders

GeoFounders is a software collective focused on building blockchain-related applications and services. Using tokens called GeoUnits (GUNS), revenue collected by the GeoFounders software catalogue is automatically divvied up for token holders via smart contracts and trusted oracles. A small portion of the revenue is cycled back into the collective to further increase the collective's application catalogue, which in turn increases the token value and revenue payouts. GeoFounders software leverages custom-made middleware to provide compatibility with a growing list of different blockchain platforms. GeoFounder developers & approved third-parties create applications compatible with multiple blockchain platforms. Profit accrues through application fees, which are held for GeoFounder token holders to take out at any time. A small percentage of funds are cycled back into development to further increase app catalog & total value.

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GeoFounders Roadmap

  • GeoWrap optimization

  • A set of code audits and optimization sessions will be conducted on GeoWrap to prepare for production-ready applications. GeoWrap abstracts away specific blockchain platform APIs and allows GeoFounders software to run in a platform-agnostic manner.
  • Alpha release of GeoRealms

  • Release of the Alpha GeoRealms game. The Alpha release is a limited feature version of the game. GeoRealms is a fantasy adventure game that uses verifiable proofs to provide a unique game session where creatures lurk around every corner and treasure awaits those with the courage to find it.
  • Alpha release of GeoBanker

  • Release of the Alpha version of GeoBanker. The alpha version of this software provides a simple set of wallet features and very basic financial tools meant for testing fundamental functionality before the next version is released.
  • Beta release of GeoJournalist

  • Release of the beta GeoJournalist application. Alpha version will not be released. GeoJournalist provides word processing, file upload, encryption and authentication tools which use the blockchain to ensure data integrity, immutability and accessibility.
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  • Alpha release of GeoDrawer

  • Release of the first public test of GeoDrawer. GeoDrawer is an all-purpose blockchain file storage system that will enable people to quickly add encrypted and secured digital files to the blockchain. The Alpha version is very simplistic with simply upload and download functionality.
  • Release of version 1.0 of GeFounder members app

  • Release of v0.1 of the GeoFounder application. Created for GeoUnit token holders, this application enables token holders to view and manage their tokens, transfer their earnings to their account and keep up to date on the status of active GeoFounder projects.
  • Alpha release of Willmorrow

  • The Willmorrow Alpha version will test out the various unique features implemented into this blockchain-based trading card game. Game balance testing will be crucial to Willmorrow to ensure statistically even game odds and prevent favoritism for certain general-purpose cards.
  • Release of miscellaneous GeoFounders web tools

  • Official release of GeoFounders web properties (miscellaneous web tools). This will include the final web properties and tools ready for productions use. Some of these applications will be associated with the desktop products while others will be stand-alone services/properties.
  • Beta release of GeoBanker

  • Beta release of GeoBanker. The beta version provides a cleaner user interface, better workflow and additional financial tools that will be tested over time to determine what features will work best in the official release.
  • Beta release of GeoRealms

  • The GeoRealms Beta contains more useful user interface elements, better game assets and smoother play. The beta will be the testing ground for improving gameplay and finalizing the one-player and multiplayer versions of the game.
  • Alpha Release of PubLub

  • Release of the first public testing of PubLub. The alpha test will provide very simple functionality such as writing / file submission, basic store listing, a simple reader and store transactions.
  • Alpha release of Opify

  • Release of the first public testing of Opify. This simplistic email-like system will be used to test out the fundamental Opify functionality before the more subtle features are added in the next release.
  • Alpha release of GeoDapps

  • Release of the first public testing of GeoDapps, the decentralized app store. GeoDapps expands upon the GeoWrap app store by providing an organized and curated list of blockchain-based applications.
  • Beta release of GeoDrawer

  • Beta test release of GeoDrawer. The beta version of this software will provide a cleaner interface and additional viewing capability, allowing you to view certain files within the application if desired. This version will be analyzed to determine the best features for the final release.
  • Version 1.0 release of GeoBanker

  • Official release of v1.0 of GeoBanker. This version will be production-ready and capable of managing real cryptocurrency accounts. Pluggable extension examples will be provided at launch, encouraging developers to create their own extensions to add to the GeoBanker ecosystem.
  • GeoJournalist

  • Official release of v1.0 of the GeoJournalist application. The official version will have a slicker interface with more word processor features and a thoroughly tested workflow to make storing and publishing work on the blockchain as seamless as possible.
  • Beta : Willmorrow

  • The Willmorrow Beta version will contain nicer user interface elements, animations and game workflow. This version will be used to finalize all of the game elements in preparation of the official release.
  • 2018 - 2019 app schedule

  • Announcement of next app schedule for the remainder of 2018 and 2019. This will include a new batch of enterprise, professional and consumer applications.
  • Beta : GeoDapps

  • Beta test release of GeoDapps. The GeoDapps Beta incorporates the feedback from the Alpha version of the software. The Beta will be the last testing stage before the official version one releas
  • Beta : PubLub

  • Beta test release of PubLub. The beta version provides a more customized and professional appearance, additional author features, per-page economic model and an assortment of additional features that will be tested to determine what will work best in the official release.
  • GeoRealms

  • Official release of v1.0 of GeoRealms. This game will set the foundation for future game engines within the GeoFounders catalogue and act as a testbed for new blockchain-based game mechanics.
  • Beta : Opify

  • Beta test release of Opify. The beta version will incorporate better user interface elements, additional communication features, file uploads and various other items intended for testing to determine what will be used in the final release.
  • Mobile initiative

  • Start of mobile initiative for GeoFounders apps. List of applications contingent on status of desktop applications. Mobile applications will play a large role in 2018 but will also be targeted based on popularity and projected demand of existing desktop applications.
  • GeoDrawer

  • Official release of v1.0 of GeoDrawer. This release will provide a professional and clean interface with a variety of file storage and viewing options. A management panel will be provided to make easy work of extending file expirations and archiving groups of files locally.
  • GeoDapps

  • Official release of v1.0 of GeoDapps. This application will become a crucial part of the GeoFounders software catalogue and help brings individuals to the applications that fit them best.
  • PubLub

  • Official release of v1.0 of PubLub. This release will accompany a small marketing campaign to encourage authors to try PubLub for some of their works. An Android-based PubLub reader application will also be released to the Google Play store and other various Android stores
  • Willmorrow

  • Official release of v1.0 of Willmorrow. This version will set the standard for the GeoFounders trading card game engine. Attached to the official release of Willmorrow will be the ever-expanding store and possible auction house.
  • Beta : Mobile apps

  • First public release of GeoFounders mobile applications. This is a general time-frame. Mobile applications will be released in different stages around this point in time.
  • Opify

  • Official release of v1.0 of Opify. This release will include a small marketing campaign encouraging technology businesses to try out the software for internal communication. GeoFounders will simultaneously release a set of embeddable web tools and a set of software libraries for different languages.
  • Optimization

  • Start of a four month cycle of revenue optimization and marketing campaigns for existing products. Although we will always be making iterative improvements, it's at this stage that we will likely make the most important updates based on analysis of app performance.
  • Moonshine Testnet

  • Launch of the Moonshine Testnet and custom Moonshine Client GUI. A small marketing campaign will be launched to encourage testing and feedback of the new platform. Initial relays will be tested and verified on the second-tier network.
  • Web updates

  • Release of additional web tools and updates to existing properties. A new batch of web services/properties will be released in a timely manner. In addition, updates will be provided to existing web properties and tools if deemed necessary.
  • Mobile Apps

  • Official v1.0 release of mobile applications. At this stage, the final versions of the mobile applications in development should be officially released.
  • GeoDapps 2.0

  • Official v2.0 release of GeoDapps. Third-party app submissions will be a focus of this next iteration of GeoDapps. The introduction of user-curation and affiliate listings will also be added if demand exists for such features.
  • Moonshine Mainnet

  • Official release of the Moonshine Mainnet with the GeoFounders genesis block leading the launch. The Moonshine Mainnet will be added to GeoWrap and all associated GeoFounders software.
  • New apps

  • The beginning of the release cycle for new applications. This cycle will include an analysis of the current state of the GeoFounders software collective and a public checklist of improvement goals.
  • GeoDrawer 2.0

  • Official v2.0 release of GeoDrawer. Additional file viewers will be added along with a host of features requested by users of the previous release.
  • GeoJournalist 2.0

  • Official v2.0 release of GeoJournalist. This version of GeoJournalist will incorporate changes based on analysis and feedback regarding v1.0 of the software.
  • GeoBanker 2.0

  • Official v2.0 release of GeoBanker. This version of GeoBanker will incorporate changes based on analysis and feedback regarding v1.0 of the software. Some possible additions may include group account management, built-in contract script wizards and currency mixer interfaces.
  • PubLub 2.0

  • Official v2.0 release of PubLub. This version will focus heavily on mainstreaming the application to compete with other centralized products. This will include better integration with physical publishers.
  • GeoRealms 2.0

  • Official v2.0 release of GeoRealms. This version will incorporate a Unity-based 3D interface along with more in-depth game mechanics, integrated permanency and host of other features that will make for an exciting update to the game.
  • Willmorrow 2.0

  • Official v2.0 release of Willmorrow. The second iteration of Willmorrow will include additional features such as large one-player campaigns, all new card decks, top-player permanency in the game and many other additions.
  • Opify 2.0

  • Official v2.0 release of Opify. The next version of Opify will focus on advancing third-party plugin support and improving the user experience and design. Expansion into other devices will continue with a goal of ubiquitous Opify access across all major device categories and popular platforms.
  • Cycle repeats

  • Continuation of application cycle with new products. New team leads will be added to accomodate the growing catalogue and assesments will be made regarding the need for iterative updates to some apps, the frequency of such updates and their priority in the overall schedule.
  • GeoFounder 2.0 & Governance

  • At this point GeoFounders will have a growing collective of productive applications with a clearly defined and predictable development process. The GeoFounder application will be updated to incorporate various governance related tools.


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