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EXPLORE THE CRYPTO WORLD WITH GFLOKIWe promise for the investor that GenshinFloki can bring great fortune for the better future and grow faster!
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About GenshinFlokiInu

GFLOKI is an innovative AI Rebase token. AI automatically calculates the most reasonable increase and can passively reward $DOGE coins. The earlier the purchase time, the longer the token holding time, the higher the proportion of dividends. This combination of AI Rebase and Passive Dividend rewards is a new combination on the Binance Smart Chain, which will break all leaderboards! The great Musk has recently fallen in love with Genshin, and Floki is a new pet adopted by Musk. Before that, Floki had been wandering around looking for food and shelter with the spirit of persistence and non-giving up. After adoption, I watched Musk play the game Genshin every day. After a long time, the smart Floki was also infected by the charm of Genshin, so GenshinFloki, who inherited the charm and wisdom of the great dog king, has arrived.


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