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The current esports centralized ecosystem is broken. It is mainly focused in an
entertainment model based on professional gamers activities, benefiting a minority in
gamer community. This generates two deadly barriers: prolonged stagnation and the
non-viability of the game being profitable for most of the gamers. Genbby propose an
innovative decentralized disruptive ecosystem with exponential technologies, generating
solutions that integrates how gamers compete, learn, train and socialize.
Risk: High
Apr 10, 2018
May 6, 2018
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About genbby

Esports industry has been dependent exclusively on video games creators which serve as obligatory third-part in the centralized entertainment model operation. While the model works well-enough for the most highly-skilled members in gamer community, it still suffers from the weaknesses of having a poor model and with few solutions for the large number of members of the community. Generating hard barriers for majorities, making the gamer’s hobby not viable, due they can not generate income in any stage of their career. In the current model, pairing and level qualifiers are the biggest problem generator since are deficient and currently generates prolonged stagnation, creating toxic communities. Its deficiency is in the lack of adaptive analysis on gamer’s gameplay and playing style oriented to assess properly the conditions for a fair and balanced game. However, in economic terms, the growth trajectory of the industry has had a solid growth in the last 5 years. This has manifested itself in 56% of constant annual growth, which, in real numbers becomes $108.9 billion in 2017. Around 2.3 billion people play video games, but all this growth and market value is based on the centralized entertainment model.

Genbby is posed as a decentralized disruptive ecosystem that focuses on competition, learning, training and socialization for rapid evolution and adaptation. It differs from other models, since it is autonomous and it is operated by artificial intelligence engines composed of multi-agents with specific roles such as coach, trainer and personal assistant for each type of platform. In addition to a payment system with blockchain and a cryptocurrency in a single ecosystem.This model will activate the gamer’s hobby, which can be profitable at any stage of their trajectory. and it will be possible to uncover an undeniable economic potential in the industry. The present review made from the perspective of Genbby exposes, at first, the current state of the ecosystem of esports and the operation of a system that exposes failures generated by a centralized model. In a second moment, after identifying the problems and limitations of the potential of the community, Genbby shares its proposal immersed in a disruptive and decentralized ecosystem, operated by artificial intelligence engines. The objective of the proposal is to activate, through the proposed model, a space where the hobby can be profitable at any stage of his career.


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Joan Morayra
CEO and Product Architect
Elvis Capia
Blockchain Architect & Algorithm designer
Kent Yucra
Blockchain Architect & Algorithm optimization
José Leonidas García
Blockchain Architect & Algorithm developer
Alejandro Ramírez
Deep learning research & Computer vision
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Multiagent research & AI architect
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Valeria Kohatsu
UI Designer & Game designer
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Graphic designer
Erika Yakabi
Concept Art designer
Samir Morayra
Marketing & Growth hacking
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