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4200 Gangsta Gators death-rolling straight outta the swamp and into the metaverse on solana
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About GangstaGator

Gangsta Gators recognise that NFT collections are nothing without their communities. From the outset Gangsta Gators aims to be 100% focused on giving back to the community it is built around. Gangsta Gators are committed to delivering the best value possible to Gator Holders, by developing multiple generations of Gators that each offer differing utilities within the ‘Gangsta Ghetto’ and ‘420 Club’. Once you’re a verified Gator holder you’ll be welcome to both. We believe the Solana NFT ecosystem is set to flourish over the coming months and years and we are committed to building a positive and caring community so everyone can capitalise on this trend. NFT’s, DeFi, P2E gaming, DAO’s and Governance tokens are the way of the future - mainstream adoption is inevitable. Join the most forward thinking, community driven Solana NFT there is – Gangsta Gators!

GangstaGator Roadmap

  • STEP 1

  • ✓Development of Website
    ✓Create an engaging community on Discord and Twitter
    ✓Advertising and Marketing campaigns, Promotions and giveaways
    ✓Presale - Everyone who made it onto the whitelist will have early access
  • STEP 2

  • ✓$GGAT coin - announcement of 'Gangsta Gator coin' will prior to the mint.
    ✓Launch! Mint of 4200 Gangsta Gators via Candy machine.
    ✓Gangsta Gator Staking available at time of launch.
    ✓Release of $GATT coin. Used to buy NFTs, Airdrops and ingame.
  • STEP 3

  • ✓List on secondary marketplaces.
    ✓Gator DAO'. 60% of Secondary Sale Royalties to fund the DAO
    ✓Floor sweeping, community giveaways.
    ✓Gangsta Gator Auctions, bid on NFTs with your $GATT coin.
  • STEP 4

  • ✓Second Generation to be offered to $GGAT and Gangsta Gator holders
    ✓Gator Ghetto. P2E gaming hub.
    ✓Third Generation - Extending the Gator family
    ✓Gangsta Gator Marketplace. No sales fee for Gangsta Gator holders


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