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The GALLACTIC Blockchain Project emphasizes the user and focuses on solving the limitations of the current block chain implementation. With the next generation consensus technology GALLACTIC offers, it offers a lot of freedom, offers virtually unlimited scalability and unprecedented configurability, block chain entrepreneurs demonstrate ideas and introduce new standards for distributed applications Let's build it.
Oct 1, 2018
Nov 29, 2018
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Sep 10, 2018
Sep 30, 2018
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About Gallactic

Blockchain technology has brought a number of promises to the world and has exceeded expectations from the critics when it comes to the global disruption and transformation of financial services. Blockchain technology has changed the way industries like Finance, Healthcare, Consumer Goods and Governments operate.

With this in mind, GALLACTIC is bringing the next generation of blockchain technology to the public. We are committed to delivering a platform that empowers its users.

The GALLACTIC Blockchain Project focuses on empowering users and solving the limitations of current blockchain implementations. There are many forms of freedom that GALLACTIC can provide, powered by our next-generation consensus technology, we aim to provide virtually unlimited scalability and unprecedented configurability that allows blockchain entrepreneurs to power their ideas and build a new standard in decentralized applications.

We believe GALLACTIC is in the best position to revolutionize a global scenario that is fraught with an ever-expanding myriad of pressing and unfulfilled needs. It is time to bring in a robust and best-in-class blockchain that lives up to the initial promise that has been extended to online and open source communities over the last few years.

Gallactic Roadmap

  • Q4.2017, Q1 - Q2.2018

  • – Plans to conceive, build and deploy future of decentralized architecture
    – Begins alpha development of Blockchain and tools
  • Q3.2018

  • – Gallactic Public Chain (testnet launch)
    – API Library Beta
    – Block Explorer Beta
    – Dapp Framework Beta
  • Q4.2018

  • – Crowdsale Launch
    – GTX listed on global exchanges
    – OS Dev Chain Beta
  • Q1 - Q2.2019

  • – Gallactic Public Chain 1.0 Mainnet Launch (Q1)
    – Block Explorer 1.0 (Q1)
    – OS Dev Chain Launch 1.0 (Q2)
    – Dapp / API 1.0 (Q2)
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  • Q3 - Q4.2019

  • – OS Dev Advanced toolbox (Q3)
    – Gallactic Public Chain 2.0 (Q4)
    – Cosmos Smart Chain 1.0 (Q4)
  • Q1 - Q4.2020

  • – Ethereum Smart Chain 1.0 (Q1)
    – Cardano Smart Chain 1.0 (Q3)
    – Polkadot Smart Chain 1.0 (Q4)
  • Q1 - Q2.2021

  • – NEO Smart Chain 1.0 (Q1)
    – Gallactic Public Chain 3.0 (Q2)

Gallactic Team

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Terry Wilkinson
Director Blockchain Solution
Hamid Rashid
Satesh Khemlani
Managing Director

Gallactic Last News

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