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Fresh air coin is an ERC20 sustainability token to invest in reversing damage causes by climate change. With your help and investment, we can save the world.
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Token Details
Token Distribution
Seed Sale 3%
Private Sale 10%
Public Sale 6%
Liquidity Supply 15%
Development 3%
Marketing 10%
Partnerships 5%
Charity 3%
Staking 10%
Reforestation 25%
Team 8%
Additional Details

About FreshAirCoin

We have made huge strides thus far in our mission to offset climate change yet there is still a long way to go. Please consider investing in our children’s and grandchildren's future, by providing them fresh air to breathe. We ask that you simply purchase what you can afford, whether that is one Fresh Air Coin or a few more. We believe that your support of the Fresh Air Coin is your commitment to tackling climate change around the world by simply planting trees! Thank you for your commitment to both the Fresh Air Coin & the trees Planted Project.

The Problem

Today’s greenhouse gas emissions are higher than ever, the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is rising rapidly, and according to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the planet is heating up. Between preindustrial times and now, the earth’s average temperature has increased 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1.0 degrees Celsius), with approximately two-thirds of that warming occurring in the last handful of decades alone. According to the IPCC, 1983 to 2012 was likely the warmest 30-year period of the last 1,400 years (in the Northern Hemisphere, where assessment is possible). And all five of the years from 2014 to 2018 were the hottest on record globally. If warming trends continue at the current rate, it’s estimated global warming will reach 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit (1.5 degrees Celsius) above preindustrial levels between 2030 and 2052.

The Solution

We may be a bit further away from convincing the mass population from trading in their gasoline powered cars or traveling across the country on commercial jet-powered aircraft but that is alright because as long as offset measures are being taken to exchange the carbon impact that each of us make on the environment, we will continue to grow into the necessary changes that ultimately guarantee's future generations fresh air to breath. We created the Fresh Air Coin to accelerate the impact that our programs can have, providing fresh air to breath for generations to come. After all we are in a race against time.

FreshAirCoin Roadmap

  • 2021 Q3

  • Project Start
    Build Core Team
    Set Partnerships
  • 2021 Q4

  • Design and Protype
  • 2022 Q1

  • Website Launch
    Private and Seed Sales
    Marketing Strategy
  • 2022 Q2

  • ICO
    List on Exchanges
    Company Website Launch
    Community Events
  • Read More
  • 2022 Q3

  • NFT Market Place
  • 2022 Q4

  • Growth
    Game Release
    New Features


30 Days Growth:
30 Days Growth:
5.0 3
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