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FORWARD is Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform offering derivative trading, crypto lending & borrowing, service. Forward is a Decentralized Derivatives Exchange, built on EVM based chains, that allows users to anticipate the price direction or to hedge their risk against price fluctuation using an advanced protocol named Automated Position Hedger.
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About Forward

Forward is a DeFi Platform which focuses on Derivatives Exchange. Essentially, users can open Long/Short positions with leverage to increase their purchasing power in a bull market or to protect their assets from a bear market. This is alongside Lending-Borrowing services — both main services have been created to support each other. Forward wants to create real demand-supply from lending and borrowing, this is done by requesting users who want to open positions on the platform to place their assets as collateral, this is to borrow other paired assets which depend on the paired assets they wish to trade.

Forward operates on EVM based Chain but begins with Binance Smart Chain due to its low fees and fast transaction. Forward protocol is designed based on liquidity pools to protect front-running investment. Additionally, Forward has been planning to use NFTs to promote the privileges and special features of the platform.

Forward, a Thai fintech project operating in the field of blockchain and investment, has raised additional fundraising investment from Zipmex Labs (a Zipmex Group business unit), a part of a series of investments aimed at promoting and supporting blockchain projects and entrepreneurs looking to transform the crypto ecosystem through innovative business ideas.

Forward provides you with the crypto saving and lending tools you’ve grown to love in DeFi platforms, but guides you to the next level by making it simple for you to use new tools to protect and accelerate your hard earned wealth.

Why Forward?

Forward gives you simple to use and inexpensive crypto tools to protect your gains and accelerate your wealth creation, guiding you forward to financial freedom.

How Forward helps?

Forward gives you the proven crypto lending, borrowing, and farming tools you’ve grown to love…

Forwards makes advance crypto investment tools simple to use and intuitive, allowing you to protect your gains and take your wealth creation strategy to the next step.


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