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FOR THE DOG COLLECT TOKENS WHILE TAKING A WALK. if you take a walk with your partner NFT, you will earn a reward according to the distance traveled.
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In modern society, companion animals are already recognized as literally family. When I raise a pet, I often wonder what kind of food is good for my pet and where it hurts. As much as the increase in pets and high interest, there is a flood of information about pets online, but when problems arise with their pets, it is often questionable whether these information is accurate data.

In other words, there is a lot of data, but data as a systematic system is insufficient, such as the accuracy and reliability of the data itself, and whether the information fits one’s pet.

FTD plans to build systematic and sophisticated data by collecting and analyzing biometric data of companion animals based on blockchain technology to solve these difficulties caused by their pets. Based on these reliable data, it will provide customized solutions that are personalized for each user by synthesizing information secured by related companies or companies such as animal hospitals and feed manufacturers.

In addition, FTD is preparing a blockchain-based Move to Ear (M2E) service that can compensate for physical activities, i.e., walking, jogging, and tokens, along with pets NFT for coexistence with pets, and plans to play games using it.

FTD service users can receive compensation for BTD, a game token, if they create and install their own pet NFT and take a walk or jog, and can use it in the game. It said it plans to gradually increase the number of consumers by combining these services with other platforms.

According to the recent total population housing survey, 6.4 million households raised pets in Korea and about 15.3 million people raised, accounting for 29.7% of all households. This can be seen as having pets in more than one in four households, and the “For The Dog” project is expected to become an essential platform for partners as the use of blockchain increases rapidly.

These technologies that have changed the lives of modern society, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and mobile platforms, are expected to penetrate the pet market, and the quality of life of pet fams and pets is expected to be further upgraded.



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