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A collection of 2,345 soldiers fighting the war on decentralization...
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The Fort Leia NFT collection contains three unique sets of Fort Leia characters: Orlandos, MetaBots, and Galaxies.  Each Fort Leia set consists of 2,345 unique cards with built in value for our own virtual world. Hunt for spies in our play-to-earn games and win crypto rewards. No Fort Leia NFT is the same, collect powerful cards to win the most rewards. We'll see you on the battle field...


  • Stage 1

  • The Fort Leia team is determined to make this project as great as we can. Our team of artists and developers have been working hard to strategically plan the rarity and design of our NFTs. We are planning to have three sets of Fort Leia NFT characters: Orlandos, MetaBots, and Galaxies. Our first drop will consist of all 2,345 Orlandos.
  • Stage 2

  • Once our NFTs are created, it will be time to focus on building the Fort Leia community. We have collaboration deals and giveaway events prepared which will give us an opportunity to keep our community engaged. We have celebrities who are ready to enlist in our army. Many of our investors are linked to the entertainment and gaming industry. We want to create a metaverse revolution and give our users a reason to stay. Stay tuned for crypto rewards even before our first drop...
  • Stage 3

  • The first Fort Leia NFT drop is scheduled to be in early May of 2022. As of now, we are on track to meet this goal. Depending on how our NFT creations and promotion campaigns go, this date may change. The price for our first drop is still being discussed as we conduct more research about our market. Stay updated with our Discord to see the most recent updates regarding the Fort Leia NFT project.
  • Stage 4

  • Our main goal is to build our own Fort Leia metaverse. We want to build a platform for our NFT holders to compete against each other for high value prizes. Fort Leia NFT holders will gain exclusive access to our virtual world and will have a chance to immediately earn crypto rewards. While we build and expand the Fort Leia Metaverse, we plan on making our virtual world compatible with consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation.
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  • Stage 5

  • At this point we will be ready to host our first hunt in the Fort Leia Metaverse. We will be purchasing 50 NFTs using the royalties on our NFT sales in order to own and implement them into our virtual world. Our NFT holders will be able to compete in our battle royal missions to hunt as many spies as they can before someone else gets the kill... will you catch a Crypto Punk?
  • Stage 6

  • After our first Fort Leia hunt, we will get ready to introduce a new collection of NFTs. Galaxies will be another line of NFTs but this one will not have any drops. Instead, you will be able to breed Galaxies by holding both an Orlando and MetaBot in the same NFT wallet. There will only be one Galaxy for each set of "parents" which will result in only 2,345 Galaxies in existence. More perks and incentives regarding this NFT line are in development.


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