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Fog ICO is the first encryption scheme to protect the confidentiality of transactions using advanced encryption and self-adjusting token mixing with smart contracts. As an ether compatible ERC 20 marker, Fog can not be said to be the most distributed and secure cryptographic infringement that emphasizes privacy. Fog is an advanced, closed, secure encryption compatible with ERC 20, running on the Ethereum network. After the stage of Metropolis Ethereum, one of the main functions that make up the system is zk - SNARK. This is the technology Zcash uses to achieve private transactions. Sooner Eriam had the same ability, Fogg began using these abilities.
Oct 1, 2018
Jan 1, 2019
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About FOG

Fog is the first cryptocurrency that protects the privacy of your transactions by employing advanced cryptography and self-regulated token mixing via smart contract. As an ERC20-compliant token running on the Ethereum network, Fog is unrivaled and primed to be the most decentralized and secure privacy-centric cryptocurrency.Fog is an advanced, private, and secure ERC20-compliant cryptocurrency running on the Ethereum network. With the Metropolis phase of Ethereum nearing completion, one of the main features being that is being incorporated is zk-SNARKs, which is the technology that Zcash uses to achieve private transactions. Ethereum will soon have the same abilities, and Fog has been made to put those abilities to use.

Ethereum's ability to run smart contracts allows Fog to take the privacy of Zcash and expand on it in ways never before possible. The Fog Internal Mixer (Intermix) is a smart contract token mixing pool that is similar to Zcash's shielded pool, but on a grand scale. However, it is 100% decentralized, automatic, and requires zero trust.

25% of all FOG tokens that will ever exist are held in the Intermix. All encrypted Fog transactions are sent to the Intermix and automatically mixed with the 12.5 million FOG tokens that it will permanently hold. When one goes in one goes out, but never the same one. By design, the Intermix will always have the same amount of FOG tokens. As sophisticated and technical a process as it is, from the user's point of view it is no different than sending or receiving any other coin or token. All the work happens behind the scenes seamlessly.

A user makes a private transaction by using the Fog Wallet, which encrypts and sends a zero-knowledge proof (encrypted transaction information) to the Intermix which resides on the Ethereum network, safe from any 3rd party interference. The When the encrypted transaction is received by the Intermix, the transaction information is decrypted without ever publicly revealing the transaction information.

When a recipient of a Fog transaction receives a payment, it is paid to them by the Intermix with completely different tokens than those which were sent by the sender. Blockchain analysis tools are ineffective and show no link between the sender/reciver. The amount that the Intermix sends is always exactly the same amount it received, so the amount/percentage of FOG the Intermix holds will always stay the same. This system is the Fog protocol and intended to be open source.

Everything Fog does is completely automatic and just works. Please read the Whitepaper for technical details.


Fog uses the most powerful privacy-enabling cryptography used by the most trusted privacy-centric cryptocurrencies. All the heavy-lifting happens behind the scenes in the Fog Wallet and allows for a seamless user experience. Leveraging the power of the Ethereum network makes Fog the most secure privacy-centric cryptocurrency in existence. With the immutable power of smart contracts, you can trust that every transaction will perform as expected every time. All ERC20-compliant wallets can send and receive FOG by using standard token transfer methods. Transaction information is shielded in a zero-knowledge proof before being broadcast to the blockchain and received by the Fog Intermix



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30 Days Growth:

FOG Team

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Nick Burns
Founder & CEO

FOG Interviews

Nick Burns
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
As a founder, I have been able to witness the project from when it was just an idea to a fully fleshed-out idea. It is exciting to see where this is heading.
What do you think about idea?
Innovative. The community is in great need of a privacy-centric coin that is secure and simple to use. Fog makes no compromises and isn't delegated to a small niche blockchain.

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