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Flypme is the fastest and most private crypto-to-crypto exchange which doesn't require any registration. The only info needed to use the exchange is the user's crypto address so that Flypme has the correct input and output. Only minimal trust is needed since Flypme doesn't hold users' funds nor the private key. In line with its mission and value proposition, Flypme has built-in profits sharing mechanisms, adoption-based rewards, permissionless API and participatory policy-making including proposing new feature and voting for key decisions.
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  • HitBTC
    FYP/BTC 3 hours ago
    $ 0.0061
    $ 121.67
  • Vinex
    FYP/ETH 3 hours ago
    $ 0.0132
    $ 0.6719
  • Vinex
    FYP/BTC 15 days ago
    $ 0.0066
    $ 33.50
  • ForkDelta
    FYP/ETH 6 months ago
    $ 0.0194
  • CryptoBridge
    FYP/BTC 6 months ago
    $ 0.0160
  • CoinBene
    FYP/ROK one year ago
    $ 0.0002
    $ 1.845 K
  • Raisex
    FYP/BTC one year ago
    $ 0.0272
  • Everbloom
    FYP/ETH one year ago
    $ 0.0525
ICO begins
Sep 28, 2017
Oct 21, 2017
100% completed
$1 140 422
58% cap completed
Cap 15 000.00 ETH
  • 4400 FYP
    1 ETH
Presale Phase I
Jul 11, 2017
Sep 28, 2017
100% completed
$505 308
100% goal completed
  • 4840 FYP
    1 ETH
    ( Jul 10, 2017 — Jul 21, 2017 )
  • 4600 FYP
    1 ETH
    ( Jul 21, 2017 — Sep 6, 2017 )
  • 4500 FYP
    1 ETH
    ( Sep 6, 2017 — Sep 28, 2017 )
Token Details
Additional Details
Platform, Cryptocurrency, Business services

About Flypme is the fastest and most private crypto-to-crypto exchange which doesn't require any registration. It is already live and supports 13 cryptocurrencies. aims to rebalance the power between users of an exchange and the exchange itself by providing token holders (FYP) with several benefits. These include 50% profit sharing, the ability to propose new features or coin additions, vote for key decisions and audit costs, volumes and related information. is more private than any of the competitors. It doesn’t request and doesn’t obtain information about users. To perform an exchange, only requires input/output address and amount.

The exchange boosts a permissionless API that enables businesses and developers anywhere to accept payments in BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC, DASH, FAIR, GAME, DCR, SYS, PPC, DOGE, BLK, GRC. is built and managed by the team at HolyTransaction, one of the first multi-currency wallets and the oldest still active. You can check all public information about it. Considering the nature of our business, we don't deem it safe to publish the full list of team members, because this can expose them to personal attacks and possibile corruption from external actors. This is like all other exchanges.

The team is passionate about engineering products and features that empower anyone, anywhere to control, manage and spend cryptos. Mission

To become the leading accountless exchange. Values

  • Protect Privacy
  • Promote Decentralization
  • Grassroot ownership
  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • Awesome community


The only info needed from a user is the user’s crypto address so that Flypme has the correct input and output. No trust is needed since Flypme doesn’t hold users’ funds nor the private key.

Flypme Roadmap

  • Pre-Sale Period

  • The Pre-Sale period will start on 10th of July 2017 at 15.00 UTC and will end the day before the ICO starts.
  • ICO Period

  • The ICO period will start on 7th of September 2017 around 15.00 UTC and will end at the latest on 21st September 2017 around 15.00 UTC. When Hidden-Hard-Cap is reached, the ICO will end 3 (three) hours after the Hidden-Hard-Cap threshold is reached.


1 673

Flypme Team

Verified 0%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Francesco Simonetti
HolyTransaction Team
$ 0.0060
Coin Stats
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Market Info
Market Cap:
$ 102.214 K
Volume 24h:
$ 120.48
Circ. Supply:
16.932 M FYP
ICO profit
X 4.5846993284493E-5
ICO Price~$131.04

Flypme Reviews

The token sale launches on September 28. The exchange promises to do something that many people thought was impossible: create an exchange where you don’t need to enter any personal information to begin trading. Flypme only requires you to enter your wallet address. And, you remain in complete control of your funds at all times. It’s a truly peer-to-peer exchange.

As an FYP token holder, you’ll receive a 50% cut of all profits made by the company (proportional to the share of tokens you hold). Token holders also have voting rights on all future Flypme proposals and developments, and they can launch proposals of their own.

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