Fluffy Cyclopes

Fluffy Cyclopes

Created using Figma
The fluffiest ugliest creature living and mutating in the Ethereum Blockchain!
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Ethereum Blockchain!

About Fluffy Cyclopes

What happens if a Doodle breeds with a Goblin?

A Doodle ran away from the community (tired of so many fluffy things) and fell in love with a Goblin boy at the NFT NYC party.

After a couple of days the ugliest cutest creatures were born!


Fluffy Cyclopes love to cuddle and are loyal to their community!

If you are thinking about having a Fluffy, be prepared to give them lots of cuddle and love.

‍But never let them be hungry…


Fluffy Cyclopes are lovely creatures, If they are not hungry…

Hungry Cyclopes turn into the most aggressive monsters in Ethereum and eat every cute and lovely animal in the world, starting with bunnies and apes. With some luck, they will devore only animals…

If it happens, stay tuned and we will help you feed them ⚠️

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