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FLOKI is the people's cryptocurrency.
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About Floki Inu

FLOKI isn’t your average cryptocurrency. It is the people’s cryptocurrency. A movement. By combining the power of memes with real utility and charitability, FLOKI gives power and opportunity to the people -- to the underdogs -- instead of venture capitalists and hedge funds. FLOKI aims to be the most known and most used cryptocurrency in the world.

Floki Inu

The Three Pillars of FLOKI

FLOKI is the people’s cryptocurrency, and this fact is reinforced by the three pillars that indicate what FLOKI stands for:

The meme:FLOKI’s meme culture is strong. Our community loves and lives for the memes, and we strongly believe that the only way to truly take cryptocurrency mainstream and ensure mainstream adoption is by leveraging the power of memes. Memes appeal to everybody: to poor and rich, to small and great, and to young and old alike. This is why the people’s cryptocurrency is a meme at heart.

UtilityWhile FLOKI has strong meme culture, our utility roadmap gives us very strong fundamentals. The FLOKI token is going to play a very core role in several utility projects being developed including:

A Play-To-Earn NFT gaming metaverse currently being developed by the FLOKI team. Our goal with Valhalla is to get many people who might not have otherwise heard about crypto to explore cryptocurrency and blockchain technology through an NFT game -- and to get paid while doing it. Valhalla will feature on-chain interactions and upgradeable NFTs, potentially disrupting the NFT gaming industry. We understand how big of an issue unemployment is all over the world, and the FLOKI P2E NFT game will solve this problem by helping many people to make a living through P2E gaming.

The NFT economy is strong and will only become more vibrant. We also look forward to a world where people can easily purchase physical goods with cryptocurrency. FlokiPlaces aims to fill this gap by making it easy for people to trade NFTs and physical goods while paying with cryptocurrency -- with the FLOKI token as the core payment option.

FLOKI is working to help create a world where pretty much everyone is exposed to cryptocurrency and the blockchain in some form. To achieve this, we believe educating people about blockchain technology is mission practical. Floki Inuversity will be the premier cryptocurrency education platform. It’s focus is to educate the mainstream audience FLOKI appeals to and get them more familiar with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

CharitabilityAs a movement and the people’s cryptocurrency, FLOKI aims to cross through divides, race, and borders to help make life easier for the average Joe. Blockchain tech and cryptocurrency is good, only if they make life easier for us and contribute to the world being a better place. This is why charitability is a very core part of what FLOKI is. FLOKI’s core vision is to build a school in every continent first and in every underdeveloped nation of the world eventually. We recently partnered with Pencils of Promise to achieve this goal and have commissioned them to start building a school in Ghana. We are also partnered with the Million Gardens Movement to help millions of people garden, eat healthy, and eat sustainably.


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