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Floki City

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About Floki City

Floki City was born from the fusion between elon musk's shiba and the lack of orginiality and innovation of most meme tokens on the Binance Smart Chain.
Floki City wants to be the capital of all meme lovers who are looking for something new. We have created this universe for them. Centered around a daily lottery provided by the sale of NFTs ticket, we wanted to create an ecosystem that is sufficient to itself to have time to develop new games and features related to this universe.
We wanted to create a universe that pushes role play and community engagement around a token. These are the main ideas that allowed us to create Floki City. Our inspirations are steampunk, space, ratchet and clank, bioshock and space jam.

Floki City is the most exclusive city in the Gala galaxy. It is the nerve center of inter-planetary trade and has the most charismatic mayor in the universe: Floki Mosk. Together with its long-time partner, Zaap. Floki Mosk has invented a totally innovative lottery system that works in symbiosis with the official currency of Floki City, the FLOKIN

Floki City Roadmap

  • Phase 1 Preparations

  • First marketing batch
    Contacting famous people
    City Discovery
    Approach the first visitors
    Airdrop for early birds
    First Audit
  • Phase 2 Launch

  • Sale of the first edition of NFT tickets
    Launch of the FLOKIN coin
    Inauguration of the city with special lottery
    2,000 holders checkpoint
    Listing Coinmarketcap & Coingecko
    DAO Dapp with Floki City special Ticket
  • Phase 3 Expansion

  • Complete Audit
    Launch of Floki Dice Game
    Celebrity onboarding
    Aggressive marketing rollout
    Further marketing plans
    Marketplace to buy and sell your tickets
    20,000 holders
  • Phase 4 Consecration

  • Games around Floki City
    50,000 holders
    Minor CEX listings
    Major partnerships
    Real marketing events
    Big Lottery events with special ticket edition
    Floki City is the place to be
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