First Wave Heroes

First Wave Heroes

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
The First Wave Heroes collection is the genesis release from The Saviour Project IP.
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About First Wave Heroes

The Saviour Project is a collection of 10,000 heroes and villains living in the blockchain multiverse. Birthed from a clandestine black book project known only as "Project Saviour",  a fusion of advanced recovered "exotic" materials and futuristic blockchain technology by experimental Xeno-biologists and cybernetic engineers from multiple nations, a revolutionary and world-changing super-soldier formula was crafted. I

n the belly of the world's most secretive black site R&D lab, a biological compound was created and is now being tested, unofficially called "Serum R", this serum was made to revolutionize combat, advanced recognizance, search and rescue by enhancing strength, speed, stamina, durability and even expand the abilities of homo-sapien itself. 

The Saviour Project is a unique collection of 10,000 heroes and villains-themed pfp style NFTs. The project aims to donate a percentage of all proceeds to help those suffering from mental health and addiction. Its of the highest importance that we help those in need who don't readily have the available resources. We aim to bring utility to our members in the form of regular giveaways for WL spots, NFTs, crypto, comic books, physical collectables, merchandise and well as community crypto and NFT wallets.

Holders will have their NFT characters featured in a Saviours and Sinners limited-run comic series as well as a vote to sway the future direction of project-related mints, media, podcasts and a "Saviours and Sinners" game. So we invite you to join us here at The Saviour Project, Welcome! 


-Holders-Only social club

-Early access to mint

-Exclusive airdrops

-Custom Physical Artwork

-Personalized comics

-Digital art services

-Personal Token Wiki page


-Community NFT wallet sharing

-Events and Giveaways


-Support those in need of help

-Access to the Token-Bridge

-Early access to games 

-Real-world subscriptions

-More to be announced after launch!

First Wave Heroes Roadmap

  • Q2 2022

  • -The Saviour Project is created
    -Social media established
    -Promotional run started
    -WL contests and give-aways begin
  • Q3 2022

  • -First Wave Heroes mint event
    -Saviours and Sinners Collection introduced
    -Growing the The Saviour Project team
    -MTY Token introduced and distributed
    -Crypto pool giveaways begins end of Q3
    -Custom artwork services for holders
    -Holder collab opportunities
  • Q4 2022

  • -Saviours mint event
    -SnS Sales Roadmap released
    -Sinners Collection introduced
    -Sinners promotional run begins
    -Community NFT wallet deployed
    -Sinners mint event to end Q4
    -Digital services for members include:
    ~Artwork for personal projects
    ~Website and frontend
    ~Launching personal projects
    ~Promotion or personal projects
    -Monthly Prize pools
  • Q1 2023

  • -Merch store opened
    -MTY Token added to liquidity pool
    -Cosmic Invasion introduced
    -Custom Heroes and Villains for holders
    -Cosmic Invasion promotional run
    -Cosmic Invasion mint event
    -Custom digital and physical artwork for holders
    -MTY Token entered into liquidity pool
    -Upgradeable/Add-on NFTs
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  • Q2 2023 and beyond

  • -Cross-chain bridge built
    ~Holders will be able to sell their tokens on any blockchain
    ~Sell according to which protocol is hot
    -Saviour Project podcast
    -Donations to charities of communities choice
    -Saviours and Sinners mobile game
    -Token staking
    -Profit sharing(% of pool distributed to holders)
    -Virtual Member meet-ups
    -Physical Events and meet-ups


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