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Simple, Automated, and Diversified Investment Platform
A Diversified DeFi Aggregator for Binance Smart Chain
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About FeederFinance

Feeder Finance reimagines the DeFi journey with a simplified user experience, multichain vault aggregation, on-platform swapping tools, and much more -- Think less, Earn more.

  • The Feeder Finance platform will feature a uniquely simplified user experience to turn the hunt for APY at countless platforms and chains, into one simple stop
  • Feeder Finance is live on BSC, FTM, and AVAX with many more chains upcoming to create a true multichain DeFi experience
  • The team has recently completed its audit of the first of its kind P2P Lending with yielding receipt tokens used as collateral; future iterations will include loan marketplace and pooled P2P lending
  • Our upcoming roadmap update will be released by early March 2022;

A Brief Background

DeFi for new users can be a chaotic experience as many different platforms exist offering similar products or services. On top of that, users are forced to move from one platform to another to complete the DeFi cycle, from swapping, providing liquidity, lending, yield-optimizing, aggregating portfolios.

Feeder Finance aims to simplify this whole process by creating a single point of contact for users and investors of DeFi. Aggregating all products and services into one place over time allows investors to easily track investments across these different places through the Feeder Finance platform.

On top of that, the team is always on the lookout for new innovative DeFi products to release and make the DeFi journey of Feeder users simpler. We start with Feeder Finance the P2P Lending Protocol. Its release will enable any token holder to unlock liquidity through collateralization. These include receipt tokens of vaults that could be used as collateral. Many more new products to come!

FEED Tokenomics is simple and intuitive. There will be 100 million tokens ever minted. Each token shares the economics of the platform. From TVL-driven fees, user-driven subscription models, and success-driven sponsorship partners. Multiple revenue streams that monetize on all aspects of value added by the use case going back to holders.

Feeder Finance is an organically driven project with a community that hopes to build a sustainable platform that grows, scales, and adapts to the industry. The community’s engagement and support drive marketing, strategy, and development. At its core, the founding team is builders with a long-term mindset; believers of “if you build it, they will come.”

FeederFinance Roadmap

  • 2021

  • April - May
    Project Launched
    Farming & Staking Pool
    AutoStaking Development
    AutoStaking Smart Contracts Completed
    Auto Diversify Smart Contracts Completed
    Audited by Certik
    Feeder Finance DApp 1.0
    Audited by Peckshield
    Launched AutoStaking
    DApp 2.0 Development
    Offer 30 Product Selections
    Feeder Finance DApp 2.0
    Launch Wallet Management
    Launch DEX Aggregator
    Launch AutoConverter
    Launch AutoFarming
    Developed First Cross-Chain Integration
    100 Product Selections
    November - December
    Multi-Chain: Fantom
    'Innovation' products selections
    Social DeFi with Product Reviews and User-Generated Scoring

    +200 Product Selections
  • 2022

  • January - February
    Launched new staking page with sFEED feature unlocks
    Launched on Avalanche (AVAX)
    P2P Lending audited by Peckshield
    Portfolio Upgrade: Historical Balance of Investments
    Integrated Chainlink Keepers for Automation of Fee Distribution
    P2P Lending Early Access Release
    Added AVAX, Ethereum, Arbitrum, HECO, Polygon to Wallet Tracking Support
    Launched Charting Tool Powered by DexScreener
    Launched On-Site On-Ramp Powered by Ramp
    April - June
    Feeder Loan Shop
    GameFi & Art NFT Lending
    NFT and Loan Marketplace
    Lending Market Data
    Five Additional Chains & 500 Product Selections
    Feeder Finance Labs
    DeFi Short Selling
    Decentralized OTC
    Portfolio Performance Tracking
    Product/Market Notifications
    Bridge Aggregator
    New Exchange v2
    New Converter v2
    Beyond June
    Decentralized Lending Exchange
    3 Additional Chains & 700 Product Selections
    DeFi Index & ETF Options
    Social Contents
    Social Leadership Stats


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100 M 0X67D66E8EC1FD25D98B3CCD3B19B7DC4B4B7FC493
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