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Enjoy high yield with the power of Defi Node Protocol, NFTs, and P2E. Into the field I go, to harvest the potential nodes.
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Total Supply 10.000.000
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Our Concept We use the power of Defi and its protocols to maximize the investment performance of our community, beside being a P2E we are the first Defi to have a real impact by building a 100% natural chemical-free agriculture from and to our community, each farm's clan will have a real natural farm as one of ROI streams.


This notion was prioritized in the development of our tokenomics and operating model. We are certain that we have broken the secret to everlasting sustainability via thorough design and rigorous testing and analysis. The expansion of the $FAI ecosystem will help us to grow and provide more value to our community.


Farm Island's prosperity is in the hands of all of our community, not just the Team. We will gain confidence and develop a foundation that can withstand even the most severe storms by being transparent in all of our decision-making and procedures. Investors require assurance that the Team is not corrupt and is functioning in good faith, this can be done by 100% decentralization.


Investors want to see a clear route to long-term viability. The allocation of revenues must make economic sense for this to succeed. we have a well-defined investment thesis that explains where and why the money should be invested. The community will approve this investment, and the community will be able to verify it using blockchain.


1. Fully decentralized organization

Decentralization does not necessitate the involvement of a third party. We were made to live in a decentralized world. Every person who reads this is a part of the decentralization process. We are the outcome of decades of struggle against those who seek to infringe on our right to privacy.

2. Farm Nodes governance

FarmNodes will operate democratically. Only node owners can vote, ensuring the protocol's integrity. Members of the community will elect representatives, known as "Legislators," who will be
in charge of making project proposals to enhance the protocol and the project's progress. Large and small node holders should be equally represented in this legislature. Every four months, the legislature will be re-elected. The number of legislators will be proportionate to the number of holders at first but will not exceed 180 legislators. If a legislator desires, he or she will be eligible to run for reelection. The community will have the last word on the legislator's recommendations through a vote. The legislators will suggest procedural, investment, and strategy adjustments.

3. Interconnectivity

Simply said, every component of a system interacts with and is reliant on the others. FarmNodes believes in building a linked system of mutual trust and trustworthiness.


  • 2022: - Q2-3

  • Kickoff FarmNodes project
    Build our community
    Release whitepaper
    Public/presale smart contract
    Dapp smart contact
    Dapp UI design and development
    Presale launch
    Public sale launch
    Launch our Dapp
    5,000 Farms Goal
  • 2022: - Q4

  • Add new kinds of Teleportals
    and islands
    Farm clans concept
    Farmer's Clash of clans
    contest 5.000$ to win
    Add Fertilizer Boost feature
    Launch FarmTheBug bounty program.Increase farms per Wallet
    Game mobile concept
    Validation by our community
    Design and development
    of mobile app
  • 2023: - Q1

  • Farmer's Clash of clans contest 5.000$
    Launch Mobile app.
    Farm2Earn concept.
    Association with individual owned farms
    100% free chemical agriculture
    farm concept
    Farmcademy concept
  • 2023: - Q2

  • Launch Farmcademy
    Coming soon


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